Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Apparently My Recap was a bit...

Well depressing?

I had D look at my recap before posting it and he goes - hmm I think that about covers it. See - we look at the past year and shrug and go... okay move on... and for us still standing, still loving one another - that's the part that matters. A baby would be fabulous, but if we didn't have our love it wouldn't be worth it. Now... as I drink my sangria and try to tune out the puppy that is screaming like a banshee... Scratch that... as I hold two puppies and try to keep Lola from winding them up!

To answer some of the comments...

Thalia - I've been tested for all the clotting factors as well as the immunological factors and was negative. I do have idiopathic thrombocytopenia, but that just means I've got a ton of bruises because I'm still taking the baby aspirin just in case. I've always had awful bruising so the aspirin really hasn't affected that much.

Dino D - yep Chance is the geriatric dachshund and he's doing better finally... as for sanity - did I ever really have any?

DD - LOL yeah seeing it all laid out sucks but it's a new year and I don't have hives on my bum :D and I agree 2006 at the very least brought me closer to you as well as a lot of other bloggers... and maybe that's what I take from 2006 - some friends that truly understand and that's a good thing!

Oh in regards to the puppies... we have 3 that are spoken for and 3 still to find homes for... Green - is now Louie, Teal (light blue) - Emmy Lou, and then Red - aka runt will be going to my FIL who does not yet have a name picked out.

On the reproductive front we're in high mode on the monitor... I anticipate O sometime before the end of the week but heck who knows when. So whenever that peak occurs we'll then have to start the PIO after that... Maybe we'll start the year off right rather than the way we ended it?

A girl can dream right?

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Kath said...

Dear Sami, first of all, a very Happy New Year to you! I'm so sorry I've been away -- I just got caught up, and am very distressed that your 2006 ended just about as badly as it started. Your Year in Review was just... abysmal. I am so hoping that 2007 proves to be your year, and brings you the very best of everything.

And I'm so glad to know you, my dear.

[About Thalia's question: Do you have a list of all the immune/clotting factors you were tested for? I can't remember you posting about them, but maybe I've forgotten.]