Saturday, January 27, 2007

Something to make you smile!

So everyone has been asking for pictures and since well the other p word is off limits we now have puppy photos to help you pass the time from now until u/s day. To answer some questions I've been asked - yes still spotting. No, I don't have any symptoms. No, I haven't called for more bloodwork, though it has crossed my mind... why not right? It can't hurt and it might reassure me - yeah it won't so why bother is D's thoughts. He's probably right.

Now in other news we have decided that we need professional help, not only for fence building but also for our dogs. Oh that's right I mislead all of you into thinking that I have well behaved dogs in my house... yeah uhmm not so much. The thing that sealed the deal for me was my extreme anxiety at the thought of having Meg and Chance out together. Right now we can't allow that to happen. I can't handle the thought as I only just pieced my pup back together and while I love Meg I still have some anger issues with her and Chance. D starts cursing like a sailor when dealing with the dogs. What the hell kind of environment would we have if people came to visit??? A chaotic one, with lots of barking, lots of growling, lots of cursing, etc etc. So we have enlisted help and while it is a small fortune to pay I'm willing to pay it as I'd rather be the one in control of my dogs then them controlling me.

So next week Wednesday a gentleman and his wife will be coming to our house to help us work with our pack of dogs. Yes we now have a pack of dogs... they will be here for a few hours helping us. They will come back again in I think a week. It is going to cost a pretty penny, however we should see improvement in behaviors within 4-5 weeks. They will come back out if we have new problems or old problems. It does not involve any form of physical punishment. I'm anti-shock collars and well that scat strip we bought Lola sat on it and looked at me like why is my bum getting zapped. In other words it didn't phase her at all or keep her off the counter. So we shall see. D - aka scrooge was stunned silent when I told him the amount. He then wanted to skirt having to pay for Chance and I reminded him - HELLO he's one of the problems. So hopefully I will be able to sing this companies praises. Until I know for sure I'm going to keep quiet as to who I've hired.

It's a puppy pinwheel!

Puppies gone wild! Bad puppies - good taste in food, but bad puppies!

Jodi - isn't she lovely? Also a hellion...My FIL is so going to have his hands ful *evil laugh*

Ernie - he stole the puppy pacifier - yes they have a baby kong puppy pacifier the pups love it... apparently Ernie does as well. Silly boy. No we didn't pose him. That's just Ernie.


Thalia said...

I love the puppy pinwheel, and the coloured collars. I do hope your obedience training works, it would be wonderful if you could stop worrying about your dogs hurtign each other again.

And I so empathise with the bloodwork not making you feel better. It helps perhaps for 5 minutes, then the anxiety starts up again.

Maribeth said...

Oh they are adorable! I love mine too. I know the weekend of Mark 10th I will be a basket case, as I say goodbye.

Kath said...

Dear Sami, I agree about the bloodwork... and I absolutely adore the puppy pinwheel! Those pictures brought a big smile to my face. And I hope the big bucks for the obedience training pay off!

statia said...

be careful if you're hiring bark busters. I'm totally being assvicey here, but we hired them and all I can say is just be sure that they're right for you.

We just had the guy out about two weeks ago, and he made our dogs, who aren't really that bad, minor quirks, really, seem as if they ruled the roost around here and my opinion is that I felt as if they were breaking my dogs' spirits. I'm not a granola crunchy or anything, but he made it seem as if giving my dogs hugs was the WORST thing I could do. And it was VERY expensive. And didn't really address my issue of my little dog, who is scared of people and barks and growls at them when they come over. (over that, there's lots of cursing in our house too). They've worked for A LOT of people, but their methods are harsh. So, yeah, make sure their methods of training are ok with you before you spend tons of money. Even if they're not Bark Busters.

Inglewood said...

Hope the obedience training helps, it did wonders for one of my girlfriends furry issues.

Thanks for the puppy photos, always have a big smile on my face when you post them.

DinosaurD said...

I hope the outside help works for you (I guess the dogs haven't been told that there is to be an intervention?) I know I was worried about Chance and Meg (I know, I know, these are not even my dogs here).
My favourite picture is still Ernie (I occasionally pull it up for my daily smile).
Limbo sucks - not much else to say on that front.
Take care Sami

Amy said...

How cute are they!?!?