Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Crappy news

I know I've been quiet. Quiet because I had nothing positive to say. The run down is this...

Saturday the pink cm turned to red - spotting. Sunday it turned to a trickle... I called the on call doctor and had to go to the ER for a rhogam shot and a repeat beta. My repeat beta was 70... so a doubling time of 176.37 hours... I was planning on stopping the progesterone at that point because seriously this is not a healthy pregnancy. My doctor wanted me to continue. I did until I got the results of the beta yesterday. After much arguing with the lab I was able to get the results 41.

So hopefully it continues to go down. I'm sad, but hopeful. Hopeful because I did not cancel the appointment with the RE. On January 26th we will be meeting with an RE. Hopefully he will have a plan. I so pray that he will be our answer. On a down note... my insurance stinks in regards to fertility treatment - it does not cover fertility treatment. It covers the diagnosis but it doesn't cover treatment... it covers medicine but no procedures. Can we all say ARGGGGHHHH and shake our fists at them? Seriously come on - it made me feel better.

On a weird freakish coincidence/deja vu repeat of June I received a call from a flight program for an interview as a flight nurse. This is a very big long shot, but if you don't try you can't fail right? So keep your fingers crossed that Dr. New and expensive has a plan and that the flight program liked me lots so I can hopefully quit my job and start something I know I would LOVE!!!

A girl can dream... I made it to 4 weeks 6 days... that's a step right? Now I just have to get through 2 more interviews and maybe the next step will be hubs getting a job over here... boy have I been dreaming or what? These are my wishes for the moment...

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Cathy said...

I hope you get some answers.