Monday, January 23, 2006

A New Way of Life?

I don't know if I've told anyone online this or not... but I'm a bit overweight. I've done weight watchers in the past with good results... and I'm gearing up to start it again. I ordered the at home kit - since I can't find mine to save my life. I imagine that when we get back to our house it will be there waiting for me to start it. My husband is also doing a change of life kind of thing - though his is on a rocky start since he's having great difficulty with portion control. I've plateau'd. I've been the same weight give or take 3 lbs for the last year and a half. I'd like to get down to that skinny girl I know is hiding inside of me. I'm sure the RE would love for me to lose a touch of weight. I figure at this point I need to at the very least just eat healthier than I have been and to take control of my life and increase my physical activity.

Now to find the motivation to do it. Fortunately I have a number of coworkers that are also doing weight watchers so I can use them for support... and fortunately I will try to keep track of my weight loss... maybe if I feel better about things.

Tomorrow we are going to meet one of my husband's friends that normally lives out of state... she's up visiting briefly. He told her about our pregnancy... I don't know if he's told her about our miscarriage. So it should be an interesting afternoon out... I don't know whether to look forward or to cringe in the background. Wish me luck... I don't know that I can handle well meaning advice - such as "Just relax." or "It just wasn't meant to be." Gee ya think... I hope she doesn't turn out to be an assvice giver because seriously I'm not sure that I am emotionally up to that... and this is my husband's best friend... Wish me luck!

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DinosaurD said...

Hope the get together with your husband's friend went well (I almost wrote "with your husband's girlfriend" but that just sounds so wrong).
I am also battling the weight issue (not so well though). Everyone keeps mentioning weight watchers - maybe I'll have to give it a go.