Friday, January 27, 2006

Level Alert Raised... to orange?

Lets see first off we may have a plan...

Our meeting with the RE was good. I say good because great would be a bit much, but good would be a little low. He's a) semi cute - makes me a tad uncomfortable that he'll be looking at my nether regions with the dildo cam... b) didn't make me take my clothes off for this appt, c) is letting me STOP charting d) is up to date on most of the recurrent pregnancy loss research and e) has a wicked sense of humor. So that's good.

Our plan consisted of bloodwork... including a repeat beta HCG to see what my levels were now as well as Factor V Leiden work up and a couple other thrombophilia tests... an HSG once I start a new cycle... and drumroll please no more clomid but FSH and a HCG trigger. Which we think may be covered by hubs insurance... can we all say YIPPEE... So that is where we stand right now at this particular moment.

However seeing as things can't ever go smoothly for me... we received a phone call with the beta results. First the poor NP apparently hadn't read my full chart - and was all happy when she said she had news. My response my beta was positive and how high was it? 44... yep 44 up from 41 - 9 days ago... so ladies while I'm still bleeding apparently this is just that irritating old bleeding rather than the get the show on the road get the hell out of dodge bleeding. She was properly horrified that she wasn't aware of that news... she called me back a while ago and let me know that I'm to have more bloodwork on Monday and do the methotrexate/ectopic panel as well as a repeat beta... so pray that things get moving on out or I'm going to have to get the shot of battery acid in my ass that I really didn't love last time but will do again in a heartbeat to get this show on the road so we can MOVE on.

Oh and to add insult to injury... I got a call from the place I interviewed... and they accepted another candidate. I'm fine with that, just wish the timing would have been better... ya know what I mean. I only have 4 years experience while other candidates have much longer times... that's understandable.. my resume will stay on file which is good and I'll keep working towards getting some instructor courses out of the way.

Okay that's it from me! Working all weekend so will try to update as I can!

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Cathy said...

I'm so glad that the appointment went well and that there is a plan. Sorry about the beta and interview. Why can't the news all be good sometimes?