Monday, November 21, 2005

Clomid rage or vents of a moody woman?

So... this weekend I've worked. Mind you I haven't worked much, but that isn't the point of this post. I've worked, I've clocked my hours. I've even taken the opportunity to help my unit by making a new form that we so desperately need match up with the computer... only to find out that the documentation user group has just approved a form that is supposed to do this... so in like a year we'll see this form. Until then we can not have boot leg forms... wtf? No thanks Sam for doing a great job, but we can't use this... knobs.

And... not 1 person, not 2 people, but 3 woman I work with are pregnant. I am very happy for each and every one of them. I however did have a twinge of jealousy for the one who was going to divorce her husband less than a year ago... snot. The other 2 I'm just tickled for... how come it seems to always go like that... I'm happy for one, but there's always one you are not as happy as you would hope you would be. It generally is a person whom I think they are doing things for all the wrong reasons... so at least I think my heart is in the right place and I have not become a raving lunatic... YET :)

My husband... I'm trying to convince him that he needs to come over tomorrow... why? Well to procreate. I don't know that I'm ovulating tomorrow... however I don't know that I'm not. I'd rather not do another month of clomid or another 2 weeks of progesterone suppositories if I don't have to. So I'm guilting him into coming over... lets hope my guilt trip works... I'd also like him to clean the house... before we have the relatives over for the holiday weekend... Maybe I shouldn't mention that part to him.

So wish me luck that I leggo my eggo soon... so we can get this show on the road and into the two week wait...

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