Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Waiting patiently?

So now we wait... for huge follicles to explode? Basically for me to screw up my fertility monitor again... I think my body takes perverse pleasure in having to reset the monitor. Seriously - it does. I've only had to reset it like 3-4 times in what 8 months.

Some may wonder what I've been doing over the last few days... absolutely nothing, except reading blogs. There have been a couple of arguments brewing at various blogs... I've been horrified to see that. I've been cautiously reading a blog that has a doubling beta... and praying for that fellow blogger... I've talked with a friend..

My best friend... and I want so badly for her to find her sense of humor... to find her mantra that she can say to make this easier. I have mine... there will be an end... and it will be a child... how I get there isn't nearly as important as the end. That's what I focus on. Me with all my ... I focus on a child in my husband's arms. I find pleasure in the thought that we are talking about all our options. I'm so happy he has never said to me "just relax". I am also freakishly scared that he can say - well have you checked your mucus today or peed on a stick? Yes, my hubby is a bit odd - he by the way LOVED my mattress explanation for what the endometrial tissue did. My mother on the other hand - did not get it. It took multiple explanations. My husband says this is because she is not a mattress whore like ourselves. She sleeps on a junky hotel mattress.

We did not tell the in laws of our new clomid explorations. I'm not sure that I even want to go there with them and hubby doesn't want to go there either... unless of course we have to. When I say have to - I mean we both look at each other and say - it's time to bring them into the loop... we're not even close to being there yet.

As for ovulation - we're hoping to either O super early like tomorrow or Thursday... or wait until next week. Timing wise we could be screwed if I O over the weekend, Monday, or Tuesday. So keep your fingers crossed that I can get the egg and sperm to meet...

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