Friday, November 25, 2005

Peak on Black Friday?

So the good news... my husband survived going shopping on Black Friday... He didn't even go kicking and screaming. He willingly went into the stores and didn't complain. I was shocked. My husband has many good qualities and some bad ones and he somehow managed to keep his sense of humor and also some great buying skills.

We also came home to a peak on our monitor. So this love fest can come to an end soon... but then the inevitable 2 week wait starts and well that blows to say the least. I've joked in the past that our bodies need a turkey timer or a big magic P shows up on our bellies... now wouldn't that be convenient. I'm not sure what this cycle will bring... I do know that hubby has to take a test for a public safety department and while that normally makes me go hide under the covers until this process is over I'm not sure what I'll do... definitely means it's going to be a long Christmas season.

We also need to find some time to go visit Dan's cousin's wife and the new baby... I drew her name for Christmas and I won't be able to be there for Christmas because I have somehow managed to have to work Christmas... which totally stinks. So stay tuned... who knows what's going to go on over here...

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