Friday, November 11, 2005

Clomid... will you be my friend or my foe???

Hello all,

As I write today I have started clomid yesterday on cd 5... we all know that the studies have shown a better response is will this work? Not sure... am I having side effects... as of yet none.

I did not get to talk to my doctor yesterday... I talked to a nurse... who initially was a pain in my ass... when I asked for my lab results - which I already had and explained I knew I had a beta of 7 and that my period had gone from being normal to now stopping and that my hpt was negative (okay so it was fainter than the other one - good enough for me as my husband couldn't see the line, unless pointed out). So after initially being told that Dr. Wonderful wasn't going to be in the office today, but over in the other clinic and explaining that I was on cd 5 and would need to start clomid today or wait until next cycle... and I'd just like to figure out what he'd like me to do... this was at 9 a.m. yesterday morning... I called back at 1 pm to see if a) they had found my chart - oddly enough it was on my doctor's desk... and b) if I would hear back from anyone... I heard back at 3... script called in go pick it up and start it Thursday... so we started...

And the pharmacist was quite comical... he mentioned in the counseling session that you know that this needs to be taken at "certain" times of the month and oh by the way blurry vision is one of the side effects. My husband started laughing all the way out...

So I read the side effects to my husband - he asked if there was a safe place he could hide in case moodiness occurs. I told him he could run, but he couldn't hide.

I may have fun being the evil queen for a couple days... nah it's much more fun being nice to him. He's spoiling me and I'm enjoying it.

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