Friday, May 26, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Today is D's birthday.

We celebrated last night. Suffice it to say we went low key on the presents because well hell everything I thought of buying him he poo poo'd and said was too expensive as he wants the washer and dryer. Okay... We'll get right on that then. So the coffee I did buy him he absolutely loves. One of the kcups in one of the boxes was broken.... leaked coffee all over creation. The company was nice enough to replace with his next shipment and add some samples of new flavors for D to try. He's tickled pink. I tried yesterday to get D to go for some video games... there was nothing out there that he wanted. DVD's? Nope... Massage?? Nope... He's becoming me... seriously I'm the difficult one to buy for not him!

So what's going on in our world? Our dogs apparently think we are their own personal jungle gym. Lola has taken to "hugging" us. She likes to become a fur muff especially when she sees you typing on the computer. It seems all her little energy goes to hugging you with of course kisses. Lola has never been encouraged to "kiss" and well someone must have taught her and it wasn't me... Chance, Ernie? I blame them? Chance and Ernie not to be outdone have taken to trying to overtake our pillows... lay on us more than usual etc. We had to fight through 3 dogs to get to each other for a goodnight kiss... that was ridiculous. Not to mention the two smallest dogs (Lola and Chance) are the hottest of the bunch... so our air conditioner has been working overtime to keep us nice and cool.

Stay tuned for scenes from the next dog invasion... this weekend I may have some news about that position... keep your fingers crossed it's good news.


Marz said...

Happy Birthday D!

Sorry 1 of the kcups was broken but glad the company is sending a replacement plus some freebies!! Woo hoo! Freebies are always good, lol.

DinosaurD said...

Say happy birthday to D (yeah, like this will mean very much to him "honey, some woman you've never heard of says happy birthday".)
So hopefully, the celebration last night did not involve D chugging down the joe and then staying up all night from his "fix".
I so envy you your dogs (except for the kisses part).