Monday, May 15, 2006


Not a lot to say during a cycle of rest... really... there's nothing to see here. I feel as if I've been on a permanent two week wait. Without the obsessing of symptoms of course. Add in that it's spring and raining well there really isn't much to say.

I could post of Ernie and Lola being a tad bit stir crazy. Okay a tad would be an understatement. My two youngest dogs are beside themselves for the weather to straighten out. I could talk about one of our new issues with our dogs...

I guess we'll go with the last one. Have I mentioned that all 3 of our dogs have various allergies? Chance had an allergic reaction to a vaccine a few years ago. To the point that he looked like a prickly pear. I of course didn't realize this until he'd probably been slowly expanding his prickly pear like look for a few hours. I realized this while on the phone with a friend while watching ER. Yes, I will not get the mother of the year award. Also I was in luck that I knew his weight and whille the emergency vet place would NOT give me a clue as to what to do... I was able to treat him and save myself about $400- there words were - We can't give medical advice out over the phone. Mine were - "I'm not going to sue you if this doesn't work."

Ernie's allergies fortunately have been pretty mild. I say this and hope that next week we don't find a new allergy of his. He's a sneezer. His is pollen.

We thought we had gotten lucky with Lola - the shots she's had they haven't been bad and no reaction. Our vet is cautious though and won't give her the same vaccine that Chance is allergic to as they are the same breed so it's possible that they could have a similar allergy.

Not to be outdone by Chance - Lola's allergy became apparent yesterday. Lola had been playing with Ernie and D fetching. She looks like a bouncing bunny as she chases after the air kong... well at my mom's house there is a hay field. Lola and Ernie have been running through the field. She smelled like hay and I gave her a bath. Within about 4 hours her under belly had welts. Not the kind from the scratchy hay, but the kind from an allergy. I gave her benadryl... today those have blossomed - it looks like a poison ivy rash - it's not... it's from the hay. Our youngest is sadly allergic to hay. I don't know that I've ever heard of that one before so this morning found us giving her another bath - just in case she'd been playing in the hay field... and rubbing hydrocortisone cream on her under belly.

So all 3 of our dogs are apparently "sensitive" who knows what the next allergy is. Sometimes it pays for me to just go to the pharmacy and stock up on all the various things because if I don't need it, the dogs might, or my husband might. My suitcase is now the traveling pharmacy. Will have to restock of course eventually. Until then I'll be feeding Lola benadryl and rubbing her belly with hydrocortisone. I'd take pictures but that would truly show how shoddy of a mother I am.

So how are things in your neck of the woods?


Penny Farthing said...

Well so far we've been lucky... 4 cats, no allergies, although our littlest kitty has a hole in his heart. I hope Lola feels better soon. You don't sound like a bad mommy to me, a bad mommy wouldn't have made any effort towards getting their pet back to health.

Mandy said...

No allergies here...just dealing w/ a lazy husband and the prospect of moving all our crap 250+ miles in 10 days.

Marz said...

Chewy, my boxer that passed away last year, was allergic to a few things & Leia came down with hives once too. So we also have bought stock in Benadryl, lol.