Friday, May 12, 2006

Under Pressure

I have that song running through my head... the last two days left me feeling as if I was under pressure. Sinus pressure that is. A front moved in and wow... it did a doozy on my head. I felt awful for two days. I had a conference for work that I went to that was just miserable. The speakers were good (although I couldn't understand one of them), but my head pounded along with them.

Today I woke up and finally feel as if I'm human again. Hubby is of course sleeping beside me and I should still be as well, but I feel GOOD... what to do? I guess the answer to that is BLOG!

Changes are under way where I work... a new manager. Is it for the better? I don't know. All I know is the position I have been coveting for a while came up for grabs and well I put in my bid. I don't dare hope that this will work out because well hell I haven't had any luck in the past. I will give it my best shot. So this weekend I prepare... I prepare answers to questions for an interview and have hubby quiz me. I know the interview probably won't happen for 2 weeks, but still start preparing now right? I need to shop as well... I have no real career clothes. Maybe a jaunt to the outlet mall is in order? If you can hear D screaming at the thought you'd be about right!

Spring is the time for change right? Hopefully that will be what this Spring has in store for me. I'm tired of the same old same old... now the tricky part would be if I was working days for a few weeks how to fit in the u/s and bloodwork? No idea... I guess we'll figure that out when we get to that point. So stay tuned... I'm no longer under pressure... but I'm all about Changes!


Marz said...

You're right, Spring is time for change & for new things to happen. I hope you get the job, then I hope you have a sticky bean after that. Once things start to fall in place, they seem to all follow.
Good luck & keep us posted!
And go shop your heart out, you deserve it!

Penny Farthing said...

Good luck hon.
Glad you're feeling better as well :D