Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What have I been doing?

My goodness time is certainly NOT flying. We're on cycle day 11. Considering I'm about a week away from ovulation at best. I'm a notorious late O kind of gal. Have I told you time is not flying?

So... I'm not working right now, I'm off until Friday. Want to know what I'm doing?

In no particular order.

1. Watching tivo'd episodes of - The West Wing, ER, Law & Order SVU, CI, and Conviction.
2. Staying up late and watching soap net for episodes of General Hospital - love the Jason/Sonny thing going on, All My Children, and One Life to Live - for some odd reason I'm rooting for Tess and Nash... the soap I usually watch Days of Our Lives I read the spoilers, but the ABC soaps I've somehow gotten hooked on it. I'm ashamed to admit this.
3. Finished reading "Marley & Me" by John Grogan... bawled when I came to the part of how Marley (a golden lab) helped him and his wife cope with a miscarriage. Cried again when I got to the end of the book.
4. Pissed off Grandma - sorry just had to throw that in there... again wasn't sorry for it.
5. Got my baby/kid fix by visiting with baby Riley and Cady - who cracks me up to no end. Seeing my husband wrestle to get a 5 month old into a pair of pajamas was quite the comic relief.
6. Helped my mom figure out what furnace and air conditioner she was going to purchase and help fill out all the financial paperwork etc.
7. Shower without the threat of water leaking in the basement.
8. Refrained from calling the RE's office and asking can we do this this next cycle, what about this, what about that...
9. Googled - recurrent pregnancy loss treatments, dosage of progesterone for luteal phase defect, and is it possible to ovulate later than that 36-48 hour window after an hcg trigger - pretty much came up empty handed on the last two questions - damn google.
10. Cuddled with my three mongrels and my mom's one.
11. Caught up on the various blogs I read routinely... am hoping to comment more.
12. Reminded my husband that we have tickets for Phantom of the Opera on Thursday night.
13. Bought new tires for hubby's car and watched our savings account go down down down.
14. Shocked hubby by doing number 13.
15. Am currently out of trashy smutty historical novels and am in dire need of something to read... seriously can't my favorite author's suck it up and put out some more stuff for me to read?
16. Have reread about 10 novels in the last week.
17. Have balanced my checkbook twice. Would have been 3 times, however the weekend got in the way.
18. Oh and Cady is calling my husband Bob... I went to say goodbye and she goes "Where's Bob?" I'm like "Bob?" She nods and goes "Yeah where's Bob?" I think Colleen, her mom, D and me all got a good laugh at that one.
19. Planning on cooking pancakes and bacon for dinner tomorrow night...
20. Planning on going to church Wednesday night. D didn't realize that I had Wednesday night off... and once he did and I mentioned church... he said "Yeah that sounds like a good idea."

So Wednesday night should be interesting... I don't know that I've mentioned the reverend at our church... he's a nice guy, but very very conservative and he's also been doing a huge push for money for the church school. To the point that my mom is offended by these repeated requests for more money for the school fund. He's very old school so to speak. I can only imagine what the sermon will be when he sees D and I in the congregation come Wednesday. (Wednesday nights are notoriously informal) so that's why we're going then... that and we're not even remotely close to being morning people...

So yeah that's what I've got planned so far... anyone else have any suggestions? I've got at least 17 days more to get through so there will be another 8 day stretch without work that I'll have to get through. Always open to suggestions.


Jill said...

Your list sounds good to me, and I can't think of any great suggestions to make the time pass more quickly. I am nearing the end of the two week wait, and it feels like time is standing still!

Marz said...

Well, the list sounds good. Hope your next 10 days go by quick or that you get that surprise & get an earlier o.

DOOL!! I'm a big fan & watch it every night!!! I'm sick of the Marlena/Alex story though. Rumour is there is 3 pregnancies about to happen on the show. I'm predicting, Mimi, Belle & Carrie!

Denise said...

I just found your blog from A little bit pregnant. Sadly (for both of us) we are in the same boat. I know how this feels. I'm not a late ovulator, but I can't stay knocked up for the life of me. Miscarriage 1 was a blighted ovum (august 05), 2 was chemical (oct 05) and three was ectopic (dec 05). Haven't been able to get pregnant since. Then again, it did take 5 weeks for the bleeding to stop after the last one...

Thanks for writing about this. It helps.