Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Of Mice and well.. peppermint?

So... did I mention we seem to have a bit of problem with mice... No?

Well... we do. To be more specific our attic does. So since the humane traps, the clap traps, the poison weren't doing the trick and every so often I was hearing the scurry of little feet in my ceiling I googled... and found peppermint oil. So now my house smells like peppermint and D was not thrilled about going into the attic again, but did... and found that the poison had been eaten completely and that there was one dead mouse. One? Seriously one? Okay well whatever. So peppermint, poison, and dryer sheets are now circulating in my attic.

On the bright side apparently peppermint oil is a natural spider deterrwnt and well we have spiders as well.

Hopefully it works... we'd send Lola up there to take care of the varmints, but blown insulation and a miniature dachshund just is not something I want to mix...add in that I doubt she'd come when called and you see our dilemma.

On the bright side - my house smells like peppermint - who needs creamy nutmeg wall flowers? Apparently not I anymore.

On an even more comical note... or at least if you're into irony. D's prescription drug coverage stinks... well it's a bit different than the old coverage. I loved the old coverage. It covered my gonal-f habit without blinking. This one won't. However it does cover the progesterone in oil... but not the syringes and needles. Yes - the insurance wants me to magically inject it. So since it covered the one and it says "We don't cover injectable medicines other than insulin" on the phone. Yet their pamphlet also listed off a couple of other drugs heparin, lovenox, fragmin as being "formulary" drugs I decided what the heck. I called and asked for a clarification. Oh yes and it also covers depo-provera, but again no syringe, no needles. Cute huh. Apparently D's city that he works for the policy actually did not mark the "No injectables" coverage. It also didn't fill out a formulary - cover drug, not cover drug. All it has listed is the copays of generic, brand, and non-formulary. In my mind that should equate to gonal-f covered. We'll see what tomorrow brings. I think I made the poor insurance girls head spin a few times by throwing such terms as progesterone in oil, gonal-f, and ovidrel in the same breath. I may have also mentioned clomid you cover? Seriously - give me a break or something along those lines.

Will keep you posted. Back to work tomorrow.


Lorem ipsum said...

My insurance covers none of those injectibles either - a seven-day supply plus HCG trigger will cost me a cool $988. But they will cover abortion, just in case I change my mind. (Blue Cross of California, by the way.)

I've never heard of peppermint. I had mice at my old house and tried traps and poison, and in the end found one decomposed mouse. The thing that finally drove them away were those sonic things you plug into the wall (available at Target). I had a 1000-foot house and bought enough for a 4000-foot house. Never saw one again.

Mandy said...

My insuarance was the same way w/ the PIO -- didn't cover any supplies. At least it's not the other way around! LOL

Hope that the peppermint oil works. Very few things worse than the sound of mice scurrying through the walls and ceiling. Yick.

Sarah said...

Argh, why does this stuff have to be so expensive? My insurance company won't even cover my prenatal vitamins!
Good luck with the mice. Would garlic work, too?

Jill said...

Good luck with the insurance company...and the mice! We had some mice in our house for a while, especially in our attached garage, but poison (a last resort) finally seemed to do the trick. It made me feel terribly guilty, though, because I suspect it creates a horrible end for the poor mice.