Saturday, August 19, 2006

Whooping Cough?

I know I whined in my previous post about the pertussis vaccine... in actually I got a tetanus, diptheria, pertussis vaccine... I think that's all of it. I hate getting vaccines... I now remember why babies are so cranky after getting vaccinated. I have a knot in my deltoid as well as a small bright pink/red color spot... and of course warm to the touch. This is a much better response than my first and only flu shot which involved a large red circle about the size of a fist on my upper arm. It was definitely ugly. The docs I worked with at the time advised to NEVER get another flu shot again. I haven't.

Did everyone know that pertussis is on the rise? No? Well it is. So if you're 2 years past your last tetanus shot - go get immunized against a nasty bug called pertussis and on the upside it vaccinates against tetanus and diptheria as well.

Some commenters had some questions/comments etc.

DD - fortunately my clinic has not said "well at least we know you can get pregnant" I'm pretty sure that the nurses realize on some level that if they said that to me they would probably get a response that they are NOT willing to see. As for Belle - I can envision her reigning like a queen in her afterlife directing dogs to go somewhere other than in her area.

Dino - thanks for the heads up on the uhmm poor editing on my part that included hubbies name. I believe it's edited correctly now.

Kath - I'd like my mystery to be solved as well. This time even though I "tried" to be detached from it all... I did know what my lining and the egg sizes were just not the E2... and well to be blunt I think i should have stimmed for a few days longer. Darn nurses. Just my thoughts on the matter and I'm sure I'll mention it to them the next time I see them.

Eve - It depends on the lab that you have it drawn it and the doctor's office of course. I have been notorious for having low betas.

So yeah uhmm the 6 I'm sure will either go up or go down. I am pretty much confident that it has gone down. This is my classic teaser. Get your hopes up for 2 seconds then not so much.

When D heard this news that they wanted me to keep the pio up he goes "Are they out of their minds that's a sh*tty beta!" Now if my husband also pointed out "You're not drinking lemonade like it's going out of style, I'm pretty sure this one is tit's up." I just laughed and said yep you're right. Because the ones with great betas or even halfway decent ones I've started drinking lemonade and a lot of it. Same goes with water. This time - nada. I'm hopeful that I can weasel the results out of a lab tech this morning rather than waiting for Monday and getting them from med records. A girl can dream. So hopefully I may know tomorrow the answer for sure.

Don't worry - we truly are fine. Knowing what I know - yes, it's frustrating, but it hasn't made me want to stop the journey. My biggest hope is that they let me just do the injectable cycle because truthfully that whole waiting crap is ridiculous and well it's just not going to happen. If I dont' do an injectable cycle then we'll just do the PIO after O. Either way we're trying again.

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Andrew said...

I generally choose not to get vaccines but with this new disease on the rise, maybe I should. Good luck with your continuing efforts.

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