Thursday, August 10, 2006

A thief... A turkey burger thief!

I would hope that everyone knows now that I love my dogs. They're great 99% of the time. However there is that 1% of the time that truthfully I'd like to send them to their kennels and get them back well mannered and well behaved.

Tuesday night D grilled turkey burgers. I love turkey burgers as someone who really doesn't eat a lot of meat this is something that D knows I will eat. He of course made them when I was at work so I didn't get to taste them on Tuesday. Last night I went to get my turkey burger and toppings and the phone rang. By the time I came back from grabbing the phone - Ernie (our weimaraner) had stood on his hind legs, nosed the container off the counter and popped the lid spilling 3 or 4 turkey burgers onto the floor and 3 dogs had a feast. I was gone less than 2 minutes. Ernie promptly spit 3 out. The two dachshunds Lola and Chance were fighting over another burger. The scream and expletives I uttered made them scatter. I yelled at Ernie to get in his kennel - after opening the door to the basement. He ran down the stairs and into his kennel. No complaint, laid down. I closed the door.

I don't generally use the kennel as punishment, but I was so furious. I had woken up and was hungry and good lord those were MY turkey burgers. And they were all ruined. The dachshunds I had to fight to get them out of their grubby little mouths and threw the rest of the debris into the trash.

I called D and left a message on his voice mail. Something along the lines of YOUR dog were uttered. A few hours later I let Ernie out of his kennel. He was appropriately apologetic. He did not throw a fit while in his kennel - which he usually does.

So anyone have any suggestions as to what to do with our turkey burger, counter surfer theif of a dog. Would love to hear your suggestions.

As for my cycle - the PIO is going smoothly. D is a great shooter. We've come up with our own little routine. I draw it up, D warms it up with his hands, turns on the heating pad. I lay down on the bed, show him his landmark. D gives no warning whatsoever (no clue as to why he doesn't say 1-2-3, but whatever. We're done. Massage the area a bit, heating pad and life is beautiful. So far no complaints in regards to this. I did have some EMLA around just in case, but it's been unnecessary so I'll save it for if and when they get to be an issue, but so far so good. Granted we're only on day 6, but hey that's 6 days that I can't complain about right? I'm not obsessing, I figure it's probably not going to work, since well most of our cycles every other is when we end up pregnant. This would be the one we wouldn't. We'll see in a week or so.


DD said...

Shorter dogs...that's what you need since the Dachs would not have been capable w/o their partner in crime, Ernie.

I didn't like Mr. DD giving me any warning either. I would tense up and that does not make for an easy PIO.

DinosaurD said...

I'm sorry Sami but I LOVE Ernie. I can't wish that he's any other way BUT... I realize that is because I don't have to clean up (or live) with the consequences.
I would ask you to give the big guy (the dog, not your husband) a good scratch behind the ears from me but I realize that's probably not what you're looking for here so I'll go back to "Bad Ernie, bad Ernie".

Maribeth said...

My dogs know that a lot of things are off limits. They know that touch my food and they die! LOL

Jill said...

That's a bummer about the turkey burgers. I'm glad to hear the PIO shots are going fine, though.