Sunday, August 20, 2006

Well We Were Right...

I don't know the exact numbers - will post them tomorrow morning after I know for sure. However after much weedling, begging, describing exactly what a PIO shot is to the poor lab tech I know that the number is less than 12... so it didn't double. By how much - I don't know, but my guess it's less than 10. Want to know why I think that... the hpt fairy landed at my house... digital test - negative, equate negative (seriously I let it dry I could then maybe... maybe see a faint hint of a pink line but boy it was a stretch) so my true guess would be less than 9.

We - meaning D and I have decided to skip the PIO at this point and let this end the way we knew it would... I sure hope I don't get the "wide eyed innocent nurse" Give me the nurse that has some backbone... the one who says Dr. Y is letting you cycle again because he knows the two of you are like rabbits and apparently can't abstain to save your life... (okay to save our lives yes, but for a chemical pregnancy not so much).

On the bright side - the PIO worked wonderfully for my luteal phase - no spotting, no sore boobs, no sore bum, no bruises, and well I had no side effects from it that I noticed. Yes - you guys can all hate me. I'm weird. We know this. So we'll keep that up whether we do a medicated or natural cycle... and just hope for the best.

So tomorrow - actual numbers, and update on the scat strip.

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