Friday, August 11, 2006

Solution Maybe?

Trying to come up with a way to outsmart the smart dog is always fun. Ernie is smart. He's learned to open doors - no we didn't teach him. He's learned how to be a stealth dog in spite of our efforts to make the big guy sound like a big guy.

I'm anti - shock collars. I swore we wouldn't get one and we haven't. I realize that our dog is just being a dog. Even if he is showing a huge lack of manners I don't think the solution is an electric jolt. Besides - we'd actually have to see him do it. Which is a big issue since he's come up with even more creative ways to sneak.

So an anti - jump harness wouldn't do us any good since his nose touches the counter.

What's the solution??? Well our solution was to buy a Scat Mat Strip on ebay. We had talked about buying one a year or more ago, however we didn't. Also somehow I have this crazy notion that Ernie needs a companion that is his size... in other words another weimaraner. D is not thrilled with this idea. However he does agree Ernie needs to have somebody he can rough house with that he can play with without fear of hearing "squeak" or "yipe" While Lola and Ernie love one another it'd probably behoove us to at least research some options in regards to a companion for him. This won't be happening anytime soon, it's just a thought. D is well aware that we'd have to think long and hard before jumping into the puppyhood thing again so soon.

So... will keep all of you informed as to how our new product works once it arrives. I think it'll work. I also hope he just doesn't learn a way to get around it. That would truly irritate me. Oh yes and since he and the dachshunds LOVE to try and get into the trash we're trying to figure out a trash can that we could get that they wouldn't get into... any suggestions?


KrisAndRod said...

I don't have any trash suggestions, just a question... how would the 2 dasch's feel about another big dog?!? Hopefully that wouldn't mean the two big dogs would gang up on the little ones. I'm personally not much of a little dog kind of gal (we have a boxer and a german shepherd) so I'm no help there.

I've always just kind of thought it was an inherited thing... either they get up there, or they don't. I've never had either dog take anything even off the coffee table. Good luck!

Mandy said...

No suggestions from me on the trash can. We got one that has the foot pedal you have to push on to open the lid. But Ernie is so tall he'd just "nose" the lid open anyways. Ohh! Any way you could put the trash under the kitchen sink in a cabinet w/ a baby lock on the cabinet door? Just a thought.

No suggestions on the counter issue either. My thoughts are slightly different than yours on the shock-collar issue but I agree, it's no good if you don't catch them in the act.

Hopefully you find some solutions so that you don't have any other turkey-burger mishaps!

Stephanie said...

we have a scat mat. we trained both dogs to not jump on the furntiture with it. GL with the trash!