Thursday, August 31, 2006

And I'm Tired...

We are back from my mom's. However I get to go back to work tonight (Thursday)... fun fun fun. I had my u/s yesterday a.m. and things are looking better than the last cycle. However having said that that isn't saying much as last cycle really was a very sucky cycle for me. I do not at this time know my E2 level, however my lining was 7.7 (last cycle at this time it was I think 5.3), right ovary hanging out with 1 follicle at 11, left ovary having 2 at 14 and 12. So something is growing in there. Hopefully something that wants to stick around for 9 months, but again that's wishful thinking on my part. I've looked at my supply of meds and maybe we could swing one more injectable cycle rather than have to wait it out kind of thing if this goes bust. We shall see.

On other fronts... we went and played with C and the girls C and R it was great. It was nice to see C again - she's doing well all things considered. On Saturday it'll be a year since D's cousin's death. We had a blast with the girls and just enjoyed snuggling with R. C wanted both of us to read Dora books to her and we did... though D cheated by skipping the spanish words.

We signed up for some team thing where we can buy stuff and get a percentage back (generally 3-6%). The bottom line is that we buy energy drinks through this group so why not get a portion back. It's the X. S. ene.rgy drinks and I love the caffeine free rootbeer... D likes the cranberry-grape caffeine free and tropical also caffeine free. We bought caffeine free for obvious reasons... since I've been off caffeine for well over a year and a half it makes sense since we're still ttc to buy things I'll drink without the caffeine in them. So we did. There's a variety of other things you can buy as well and there are some discounts. D asked me if it was a pyra,mid scheme and I don't think it is, but truthfully don't care. I'm not planning on recruiting others to it, but if friends, family etc want to buy I'll set them up to buy but if they want to be set up with their own percentage back well I'll be calling others to do that. I have used some of the housecare products before as my sister used to buy from them and loved the detergent - which says something as my family has issues when you switch laundry detergent. Generally one or all of us would break out in a rash. I didn't have any problems with the stuff and it was supposedly biodegradable and good for the environment. So we'll try some of the products out and see if they'll work for our family. If they do - great, if not that's okay as well. Ultimately it's about keeping my spending butt out of the stores and we'd rather have me shop online than spend wasted time in the stores buying stuff I don't need. Make sense?

Oh well if it doesn't. It did to the two of us and ultimately that's all that matters right?

So another scan on Friday where hopefully the three amigos have grown and prospered and are like at least 17 and 14 or something insane line that... and then hopefully another day or so of gonal-f then trigger... wouldn't that be nice? It would be almost... key word almost... a normal cycle. Now that would truly be unique.


Maribeth said...

Sam, I am so proud of you. I know this is a long, difficult process and you and D are so strong, and committed. God Bless You!

Anonymous said...

I like your page -- I refer to it every so often. We are not trying to have a baby, but I am in a long term relationship with a cop, so I always like to hear another person's perspective. I am working towards getting my RNP at school now -- I hope to be practicing in about 4 years. I was a Bio/Premed major and then I woke up and realized I am 33 and don't really have a life that would work for med school.

Here's my site:

Thanks for your work -- I really enjoy it!