Monday, August 21, 2006

Official Number

No one put their bets in... I believe my guess was less than 9. It was.

Drumroll please....


Yep - you heard it 5. So now I wait for that phone call from the RE's office where they say "I'm sorry, but the number went down" God I hope I don't get the wide eyed innocent nurse... seriously... I'd probably eat her alive, because truthfully this was at least concrete. Crappy beta at the beginning even crappier beta 48 hours later... lets call it a new cycle. Go talk to my doctor and double check that he's a-okay for us to use a boatload of money and he can get us knocked up again next month - but next month our request is not for a teaser.

This was a teaser... and boy am I wishing I would have spent my high school years as a tease. No I wasn't a sure thing, but I wasn't a tease. I'm apparently getting some payback for not being a tease in my adulthood. Ah well what you going to do. Keep putting one foot in front of the other...

Off to bed... will update if I get up early enough. Only 2 more nights then I'm off for a while woohoo!


Stephanie said...

Sami-I missed all of your posts over the weekend. I am sorry about the teaser. I wish this were easier for you.

DinosaurD said...

Damn you have some seriously bizarre results - I'm sorry I know that it can't be easy.
Have you ever done a Beta on a cycle that you know for sure you cannot be pregnant? Maybe you just have a baseline HCG that is higher than the average? Is that possible - ahem, you're the medical person here, sorry for butting my nose in.
I am sorry Sami.

DD said...


That's an interesting theory that DinoD has. But she can be a little wacky, you know? ;}

Jill said...

Hi, Sami. I took a break from the Internet over the weekend, and just found the news about your beta results. I'm so sorry that the number went down. That just stinks, and my heart goes out to you.