Thursday, February 01, 2007

Snow... What the heck is this?

Because puppy pictures are something that helps to pass the time. The other day we took the puppies out for their first adventure in the snow. We had had a pretty good snow storm so there was a lot of fresh fluffy snow. Out we went.

The first picture is D... he has Emmy in his coat because she had decided that it was too cold.

Puppies playing in the snow on the front porch.

D decided that Emmy needed a coat so she's in one of Lola's many coats... it was a bit snug.

Louie was one of the first ones in the snow.

Jodi trying to sneak through the baby gate. Yes we have baby gates... we also have a baby monitor all for the puppies.

D is not having a great night - the puppies are pooping left and right and he's kind of over it. Seeing as I had to clean up the car from the gummy bear excursion I think it's only fair that he's doing the poop duty tonight.


Inglewood said...

Love the pics. It is such a riot introducing puppies to snow for the first time.

It does sound quite overwhelming, what a lesson in patience.

Mandy said...

Sounds fair to me too! Hopefully the pooping has slowed somewhat and Dan isn't stressing out too much. LOL

The pics are great too. Dogs and snow are such a fun combination.

Beagle said...

The pups are adorable! (The hubby is pretty cute too, but don't tell him, he may get vain!)