Friday, February 09, 2007

Dog Behavior

I wanted to comment... it did indeed involve the bags of chains. Our dogs are weims and doxies (weiners) both have very strong dominant personalities (breeds). We intentionally picked both breeds because they have a lot of characteristics we love... however they have a few traits that we could do without.

Lola - is fearful of strangers. The trainers felt her issue was that she felt she had to protect the pack. By the end of the session she went from being hackles up and barking everytime the trainers moved to climbing up in their laps. Lola climbs into Meg's food bowl (attempting to dominate her) and Meg lets her.

Chance - loves people, however he's the aggressor now in the things going on with Megan and that's not a good thing. He barks at noises and was the top dog of the house - his injury in December kind of changed things a bit and now he's working on getting back to the top of the pack/hill etc.

Ernie - loves people and loves D & I just a bit too much - has a panic attack when we leave him alone resultiing in his destruction of a kennel and lets not forget his breaking out of his kennel and attempting to destroy the basement. He counter surfs, barks at me when he wants something (not just one bark - no about 30) When Dan comes home or I come home he gets in a tizzy. These things are all not a pretty sight. He's gotten worse since Dan switched jobs.

Megan - attempted to eat Chance is timid, protective of her puppies and has some OCD issues.

Yes - everyone I have neurotic dogs that we broke. Add in the puppies and my house has lost it's mind.


statia said...

I think every dog has some sort of neuroticism to them. And I know Weims are pretty much known for separation anxiety.

I'm glad that they had Lola sitting in their laps. Because really, our Chih, all he did was make her more upset, and in turn made us more upset. By the time he left, I literally paced the house and didn't even want to look at our dogs because I didn't even know where to begin. Even now if we move the bags of chains, they will cower. He also made it seem as if our lab was the bigger issue. Seriously, if you met him, you'd be floored that they would even say that.

Like I said, it's definitely something that's worked for a lot of people, but we don't have problems with our dogs, they're generally pretty good, save for being occasionally annoying (which, who isn't occasionally annoying?). We just wanted to make sure that Miss M's quality of life got better and that she would stop freaking out when people came over. I'd be happy if it was a non event and the way he told us to do it, just isn't the right way with her. She's way too timid for that.

Again, I think I got the sales a-hole.

statia said...

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