Tuesday, February 06, 2007

You've Got To Be Kidding Me?

First - did you know I apparently don't have a sense of humor... Read this can I just go slit my wrists now? It's not that I'm not happy for them, but for goodness sake can she send me some of that fertility. D just looked at me when I said the news - well at least they have a new house. I admit that it's great they appear to love their children, are financially independent and well apparently fertility as rabbits. Just with the looming u/s this just makes me cringe and filled with dread. Like it's a sign from somewhere - this will not work out for you, but look she can do it x times.

In other news... Ernie's ear... yeah uhm we couldn't get the sucker to quit bleeding. 2 pressure bandages and D holding Ernie's ear for 15 minutes it was still what I would describe as a gusher. My massacre scene was spreading from the living room to the kitchen to the bathroom. D was impressed at the spray and splatter - he's like this is impressive are you sure he doesn't need a transfusion. So 3 hours after this little journey of Ernie scratching open the bite that Meg inflicted - D cursing and threatening to send Meg to timbucktoo we were off to the vet. You know my second home. They don't even need me to identify who I am - they know. This is so not good.

The vet gave Ernie a tranquilizer so he could handle the whole being at the vet's. We left him in her capable hands with his pressure bandage and e-collar in place. We picked him up this afternoon and she had to cauterize as well as suture his ear and put a pressure bandage and a new e-collar in place. He's pitiful and still running into things - usually me. It's going to be a long 2 weeks with that thing in. I may have to take a picture of the bruises he's inflicted as I right now I appear to have gotten into a fight. I have with a stupid e-collar. Ernie likes to walk and rub his head on your leg, etc... so now he's trying to rub his head, but instead pushing you with the e-collar causing bruises.

Maybe this all happened for a reason - D and I didn't even think about the u/s until tonight so at least we didn't have to focus on that all day... Of course the vet bills are just getting outrageous - thank god for 0% financing... (at this point we're saving up the giant bill to get the best deal - so Meg's spay and teeth cleaning will be on it as well as vaccines for Ernie & Lola and the puppies and heart worm preventative for everyone and flea preventative. I'm all about 0% interest and at this point things are just getting ridiculous. D asked where our toaster oven was.


Kath said...

Oh, Sami, this is too much! Both the Duggar thing and the vet visit. Enough already!

Hoping so hard for you today...

Maribeth said...

Geeze Sami, it sounds like Megan is the spawn of Satan! Maybe you should find a good home for her and keep the puppies! That's what I'd do.
This Duggar woman, well come on, with all those kids, get a life. I think the woman must spend every waking moment on her back!
I'm sending you fertile thoughts my dear!

Amy said...

I'm thinking of you!! I hope your u/s went well!!!

Kellie said...

OMG, no wonder so many of us don't have kids yet. These two are literally having ALL THE CHILDREN!

I love your blog, by the way.

Shawnee said...

Its sad about the Dugger's. It just seems like those kids don't get any attention except from their older siblings... I swear its just a ploy to make more money and its absolutely disgusting!