Thursday, February 08, 2007

Poor Ernie

Poor Ernie... this afternoon I finally got the chance to get new supplies and clean his ear. What I found of course was an ear that I suspected was infected. Can we all say not so great. I was less than thrilled and spent about 20 minutes cleaning his ear and soaking it. Fun times I tell you. During that time I also called the vet because heck they are on speed dial so when they called me back in we went for Ernie to get checked out.

Granted we had just returned from taking Emmy to her grandpa to take home to her new owners. So it was back in the car and back to the vet. D made the unique statement of "Can't we just staple his ear to his head?" (The problem is that Ernie keeps shaking his head which then results in his ear rebleeding and making a huge mess) Oddly enough the vet considered this option and said - you know that just might work, not with staples though. So after some discussion - Ernie has his ear sutured to his chin/neck/head to prevent him from shaking that ear and injuring himself further than he already has.

In other news I've realized that even though the fetal pole was measuring smaller (at least by all the information I can gather) than it should be right now that we are hoping that this will work out. Lord if it doesn't the fall will be awful. Even D admits that. So for right now we're just hoping to get through the next 8 days and get to the u/s and hopefully see good things rather than bad things.

In the meantime I've got puppies to play with.

Oh and the Bar*k B*uster people came. Statia you would be delighted to know our experience was much different than yours - thank goodness. I was quite fearful of what it would be like, however I knew we had to do something. So currently we are working on the exercises with the various dogs and hoping that we remember what they taught us and that we notice an improvement in behavior. In all honesty we have noticed a difference. However tomorrow will be the true test as my mom will be arriving and hopefully won't break whatever we've managed to accomplish.

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statia said...

I'd be curious to hear their training techniques, and I'm sure some were similar to ours, but the person we had was too salesy, too psychological warfare, and scared the crap out of our little dog, who is already timid, didn't need to have bags of chains thrown down.

Like I said, they work for a lot of people. Little dogs are a lot more high maintenance and timid and just don't do well with their training methods. My dogs just seemed very... broken.