Saturday, February 24, 2007

Plague... Pestulance...

Bring on the locusts... isn't that what is supposed to follow plague and pestulance?

I could be wrong, however if you would have asked me on Thursday I would have said I really don't care anymore. Wednesday I didn't feel all that great, but I figured it was due to coming off of a work stretch. Thursday sucked in that I felt awful and couldn't keep anything down. Now I know some of you are laughing and going - hahaha she finally got hit with morning sickness. Yeah uhmm no. Morning sickness doesn't bring along with it another GI symptom which I had as well.

My "aha" moment was after the first episode when I thought to myself - that little shit I cleaned up the other night after he'd decorated the floor from his crib must have caused this. My mother - who D talked to - of course was all for it being morning sickness. Come Friday I can tell you safely - it was not morning sickness, but an intestinal/GI tract bug that put a curse on me for the better part of 24 hours. It made me weak as a kitten and begging for mercy. Of course Thursday not to be outdone with the better part of the plague - I also had bright red bleeding which resulted in a scan on Friday.

Things are fine - arm buds and leg buds present, measuring right on and heartbeat still there. D thinks I brought on the plague just to get the scan... and he'd be wrong. By the time the scan was done I wanted to take a nap. Of course we also had to deal with Lola who was also puking up a storm like me. Lola went to the vet while I slept in the car and D called work to tell them he wouldn't be in as he had to take care of me.

Friday night I slept and I'm only just now waking up and while I'm probably 50% better than I was, I'm still not 100%... here's hoping the puppies will sleep tonight.

So uhmm what's next? Apparently the RE's office will release me after my next scan which will be on 3/2. They keep those of us with recurrent loss longer than they do their regular ole ART cases... risk wise we're down from a high of 80% chance of loss to about 15% now... and that's comforting. Most people it would 3-5% but with recurrent loss you have to multiply it by 4-5% more so that's where you get that number. So that's where we stand. I'm still not in that 100% believing this might actually work out... maybe next week.


Kristin, Rod, and Miss V said...

That's the same sort of bug that seems to be going on around here. Rod's doc told him it was the 24-hour flu, and he's now going on day 5. Hope you'll feel better soon, don't pass it on, and glad to hear the scan gave you more good news.

Shawnee said...

Hope you get feeling better. I had that in December and it was no fun. I am definately sympathizing with you right now.

Kath said...

Dear Sami, ugh, that sounds awful. Wishing you a very quick and complete recovery -- and continued good news with every week that passes in your pregnancy.

Thalia said...

Yaay for limb buds and all, that's wonderful news despite the pestilence. Let's hope that 2 March brings more good news.