Thursday, February 15, 2007

Snowdrifts and Stupid People

My apologies I had every intention of updating yesterday however when you hear how yesterday and the day before went you'll understand I chose sleep over blogging.

Tuesday night I had to work... and of course there was a winter storm warning out for blowing snow and just well crappy weather. I left early with the knowledge I would need to drive carefully. Enroute I was talking with a friend on speaker phone and hung up on her as the roads had gotten worse. I seen a snow drift coming up ahead - slowed down and then the damn thing pulled me into a ditch then a tree. No amount of all wheel drive was able to save me from doing so. My friend was freaking out and attempting to call D as she had no idea how bad the accident was - she was also yelling at her husband because - well he was the reason for the phone call - he'd been a jack ass. I spoke with 911 - gave them my location assured them I was unhurt, just shook up and then finally hung up. I then called D - let him know what was going on and to call work and let them know I wouldn't be in. I then paged the on call RE to find out what I needed to worry about. On call RE wanted me to come in Wednesday morning for a scan and rho gam as D is + and I am -.

The deputy arrived and took one look at the situation and said - let me guess the snow drift pulled you in here? I have county coming right now to knock that down. In my defense it took the county six passes to get rid of the snow drift. The tow truck came and we were able to determine my car though banged up was still driveable - which was a good thing as D was stuck in our driveway unable to get out until our snow plow guy came through. I updated work, updated my friend - reassured her it wasn't her fault, I was on my way again. I picked up a pizza on the way home and came home, went to bed.

Wednesday morning dawned bright and early and we were off to get D's hair cut as well as to go to the RE and of course lets not forget my annual was scheduled for the afternoon. Fun day let me tell you. I was able to get my unibrow waxed so that was good. At the RE's office we got the cool machine and I got the other doc who is very nice as well and no resident. All looks fine - CRL is 1.11 cm up from .3 cm and heartbeat is 141 ish. We were able to hear as well as see the heartbeat which was very cool. I asked D if he seen it and he goes yeah and I heard it. The doctor had to leave so the nurses in the back were working on the rho gam prescription.

This is where the day begins to show just how many stupid people S and D can run into... the one nurse (not the MA who had been in the room) wasn't sure why I needed it since the pregnancy looked good. I explained - car accident multiple times and spotting multiple times with I swear no comprehension of what I was saying. D wanted to poke her eyes out. Finally we get the prescription and we were off to fart around for a while.

We finally headed up to my annual appointment and that is where it became stupid people galore. First - I had called and talked with the scheduler explained our situation - that we were seeing an RE, that we had a history of multiple miscarriages and that we were no where near ready to be an "OB" patient yet as this pregnancy is still precarious enough that we're still having multiple scans. No problem she said. Get back and start talking to my doctor's nurse and "problem" came up. Apparently I needed to fill out a different form - great. So off we start filling forms I start peeing and well it just keeps getting better and better. I again explain to the nurse we're no where near ready to start talking due dates and grudgingly give her mine. Into the room we go and in comes the doctor - a congratulations comes out of his mouth - D and I cringe and then he starts going over my history and goes my you have been busy this year - did they ever determine a cause for the multiple miscarriages. I explained no that it could be the luteal phase defect or it could be ectopics that are just resolving on their own. He looks at the u/s and says all looks well and that he's sorry to hear about the spotting - maybe he can determine what's going on. Pelvic is done - all is fine - no clue where the spotting is coming from. Not once does he say that spotting is normal and then he wants to talk bloodwork while I want to talk drugs. Since I'm there for my annual I need refills on all my regular stuff. He looks at me sideways a few times and gives over what I want. Although I'm sure he's not thrilled about my sinus medication I can safely say he wouldn't be thrilled with treating me for multiple sinus infections either. He lectured me on my calcium requirements and told me to start taking some. Fine yada yada yada. Off we go to get the blood drawn and check out.

Check out is where it became stupid people galore. I had to schedule an appt for 4 weeks out with an appt with the doctor as well as the OB educator. I cringed at doing this... I mean seriously cringed. My anxiety level was becoming increasingly high as was D's. I think we both started twitching. Finally I grudgingly accepted an appt with the stupid educator (who goes over testing options) when I said I want the nuchal and quad screen she goes oh you're already up to speed on the testing. DUH - yes I am. Apparently the only way you get to schedule the test is if you talk to the educator. Great just great... so that's for next Friday where I'll probably end up losing my mind and become slightly more insane as we schedule things that I am no where near ready to talk about. We then proceeded to the place where you truly check out and they said "have you received your purple packet?" Uhmm no and what the hell is a purple packet? Oh you need to go talk to the insurance people... D and I looked at each other and said in unison "WE are not there yet." Yeah uhmm you need to talk to them and then we can check you out. Fine... grudgingly I go and sit in a room and the woman looks at my double coverage and gets a perplexed look on her face and goes hmmm... apparently they have no idea how my insurance works yet since I have two however I apparently don't need to start prepaying anything. Yet. She hands me the purple packet and starts going over the things in it. At the beginning she starts talking about pre registration at the hospital and at that point I tune out. I just smile and nod. Because again I had said "WE ARE NOT THERE YET." not a single person listened to this statement. Finally we are able to leave.

We still had one more place to go to get the rho gam. The med center... and of course the MA screwed up the prescription for it. So I had to page the doctor who took a while to call back after repaging and finding out that he was out with his kids on the back of a sled we get that straightened around. I ran into a few of the people I used to work with and that was neat - they all gave me congratulations and were genuinely thrilled for me. It was nice. Also overwhelming hearing those things.

By this time it's 8:30 pm and we finally arrived home. After starting the morning off at 9a.m. I came home and crashed. Tonight I work again then tomorrow another scan. So we shall see...


DEMummie said...

Hmmm.... I guess I'm stupid too! I have no idea why you would require Rhogam when the placenta isn't even formed yet. You are less than 12 weeks, right? Was there trauma with this accident? Did you start bleeding more than the "spotting" you have had ongoing?
Given, I am an ICU nurse, not an OB nurse....


DinosaurD said...

Oh Sami, it is such good news about the embryo so far though!! But I totally understand your frustration with those people who just don't understand how precarious it can all feel. I simply refused to take the urine collection container from my Dr's office assistant through the first few appointments (it was well worth it just to see the expression on her face, you would have thought I'd offered to stip naked and dance on the reception counter).
Sending you and D a ton of good wishes (I'm allowed to do that, right?)

Thalia said...

well you certainly managed to bury that good news in there! Great news about the embyor looking so good, and sorry it was a crappy day otehrwise.

Kath said...

Dear Sami, that is such good news about your scan! I'm so thrilled to hear it.

I'm sorry about the rest of the day, though...