Wednesday, March 28, 2007

3 Puppies Left & The Little One Said

I'm crowded - roll over... so they all rolled over and one got a new home. Bert (purple) has a new home and we're left with Pepper and Blue.

I took Bert to his new home on Monday. It was just me and him. I also took him to the pet store for that wonderful experience. Poor little guy was totally overwhelmed by the new scents, sounds, people, etc. We picked up a few toys and some treats and then we were off to his new home.

I spent about an hour with his new owners. I know that he is now in a home that has time for him as well as lots of love. It's not that we didn't have time it's that with this many dogs it's hard to have individual time for each dog. The puppies right now get the most individual time. Followed by Ernie and Lola and Meg. Chance being the geriatric dog of the brood truly only wants individual time at meal times.

So we're down to 6 dogs from 7. My fil is still fretting about us having this many dogs. I on the other hand think 6 is just fine. Ultimately I'm just thrilled for Bert - he is such a sweet boy and in his new home he's got 2 parents to love him and 2- 8 year olds. I've already received pictures of him with his new family and it brought tears to my eyes as they looked so happy and I thought... What a great fit.

A dog wasn't on this families radar. They are in the midst of adding a new addition onto their home as well as had dealt with the death of their 2 basset hounds last year (old age). Thankfully one of my coworkers decided to mention to this doctor - hey you need a puppy from S and that is how this began.

So Bert will now probably become a 5K running dog. The kids have already come up with activities - skating, running etc. The mom of the bunch is looking forward to just sitting on the couch and having some puppy love. Ultimately I am happy - one of my babies has a new home and he's loved and that's truly all I could ask for.

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