Wednesday, March 07, 2007

One Step Forward

A dear friend Dino D finally got some great news. While neither of us are the sunshine and roses, overzealous balloons etc... I am so delighted that the u/s came out okay. Yes - can you tell we're all contained in our joy.

I told D the news and his response was that Dino has definitely been wearing her bullet proof armor... and with all that she's been through that is definitely an accurate statement.

So... for now NBHHY and things are fine. I think we can all roll with that for a little bit. I know I can.

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DinosaurD said...

Sami, Sami, what am I going to do with you (to you?) Ahem... remember me, the person who is trying to fly under the radar?
Anyway, you know that I adore you regardless - how could I not like "Ernie's person"? Is his ear better yet?