Sunday, March 18, 2007

Well Hell...

Just when we at the 7 Dog house were getting comfortable with the status quo, that all would maybe work out in this "not negative." What happens? The dreaded spot changes colors... from old brown mixed with CM to red/pink... gee thanks.

I was able to find the heartbeat with the doppler so for the moment the "not negative" is still present and accounted for, however the blood who knows where that is coming from. I'm going to call the doctor when I get up... I worked 14 hours last night and well - just do not have the energy to do this right now. Besides I know as well as you know - if it's going to happen there isn't a damn thing I can do to prevent it other than the things I've done already.

Oddly enough today is supposed to be the last shot of progesterone in oil... funny huh. Yeah - not so much.

Why don't they market a funny farm for people like me? D lost his sense of humor when he came to the bathroom and seen what I was talking about on the tp... he laid down next to me to help identify is it me or the "not negative". Once we were able to find it and count he then said - that was the best money we've ever spent... now can we buy one that actually counts the heartbeat for us so we can quit trying to do that?


DD said...

Do you want me to give you the assvice your doc will? Lots of water and rest.

If you find that funny farm, can I come for a visit? I promise I'll do the counting for you during my stay as part of my rent.

DinosaurD said...

Oh Sami, I can unfortunately say that I know pretty much know how you feel. I just came from 5 hours in the hospital as I started bleeding again. Baby looks fine (as far as they can tell) and no apparent source for the bleeding.
Are we having fun yet?
I'm hoping for both of us now.

Thalia said...

Really happy to hear you can hear the not negative. That is a wonderful sign. Boy do I love those home dopplers (and love that I got one with counting built in!). Really hoping for you that the bleeding is just you overdid a bit. Go to bed with a big glass of water and stay there!

Maribeth said...

Oh Sami! Shoot! Hang in there and let us know when you go to the doctor.