Friday, March 16, 2007

Apparently I have NEEDY Dogs...

We all knew this was a distinct possibility right??? I mean the puppies alone have become little hypochondriacs right? Well not to be left out of the mix Lola (mini doxie) decided Tuesday she'd throw up what appeared to be blood. This was found by D who had a bit of a meltdown and yelled for me to come examine it. Now - I didn't clue her in that she would be going to the vet on Wednesday for a vaccine (6 out of 7 dogs needed to go) so I'm not sure if she read the appt card and decided I need to get out of this quick or what. So after much discussion with the vet as well as D we decided we'd wait it out and if any more episodes occurred her ass would be at the vets.

No further episodes occurred... we did take a sample in to the vet - yes I know EWWW gross... If I would have been working I would have taken it in to work to determine if it was blood or not... however am only going back to work tonight so no deal. The vet was a bit horrified when she seen our sample and looked at Lola who was being a total bitch at that point and telling all of us off about the violation of her privacy. She of course acted as if nothing was wrong - palpate the belly - no growls, no jump aways etc. Temperature taken - she's got a mild fever... so no vaccine for Lola. Ernie and Meg were able to get vaccinated.

Then it was on to the puppies... We discussed Blue's bumps - yes he still has bilateral salivary glands that are enlarged for no apparent reason. Again not worried just irritated. He was able to get his shots that he needed. On to Pepper our proverbial peer... and the vet goes "Uh Oh" I'm thinking great what is it? Pepper has a UTI... Poor thing - we of course were clueless to her plight, but that's why she's been peeing so frequently and not making it to the door. She got 2 shots and a week supply of antibiotics. On to Bert - perfectly calm, sweet Bert... guess what. He too has a UTI. 2 shots and antibiotics for him.

So of the dogs that needed to get vaccinated 6 only 3 received the vaccines they needed. 2 are on antibiotics. 1 was on some awful maalox like stuff and the 3 that didn't get their shots now have to go back next week. Lola of course once we got home started to act all pissy and yesterday when touching her stomach moved away from me... so we're watching this behavior - she is eating, peeing, pooping so in all likelihood this too shall pass. Lola is our sensitive girl - she's a bit timid, a bit fearful and a bit big for her britches.

In other news my mother not to be out done by a dog has not been able to go to work all week... Monday she woke up with ear pain and went to the doctor... Wednesday she went back to the doctor and was told she now has pneumonia. D says this is in response to the anniversary of Dad's death - in all honesty he's probably right - this will probably reoccur on his birthday as well as their anniversary.

In spite of a return of the dreaded spot... he showed up on Tuesday - NBHHY - I was able to find the heartbeat with the doppler. So so far so good in regards to the uterus and "not negative". My appt is not until next week and the in laws are getting restless. My FIL asked when he could say something. I told him "not yet." I've found that once you're out of the closet you can't go back in... and I doubt he understands that, but it'll have to do for now.


DD said...

I suppose it wouldn't be possible to recommend to your FIL to wait until the baby arrives? Some people are so impatient.

Maribeth said...

I know many people think all the dog stuff is crazy, but I can relate. (We still have Arnie after all!) So I call this "Life in a Kennel"! LOL!
Glad that the little bugger is allowing you to hear it's beating heart. Wonderful!

Ersza said...

Is this dog taking an anti-inflammatory such as metacam or rimadyl??? The blood and pain are serious symptoms. Is she eating? Did your vet draw blood? This sounds like a stomach ulcer, which can be caused by anti-inflammatory meds and certain other medications. It can go along with liver failure. My dog nearly bled to death from a stomach ulcer in December. It started with a little bit of blood in her vomit, then progressed to massive bleeding. She was saved by a blood transfusion, but went into liver failure and died. It all happened very fast, but if you catch it early enough it can be treated.