Thursday, March 08, 2007

Of Dogs and Well... More Dogs

Tomorrow the trainers will again be coming to our house. To be honest - some of what they've asked us to do has worked... other parts not so much. D says we're going around the house being angry sheep yelling "BAH" and throwing bags of chains to get their attention. It's the truth.

I've learned a few things - Ernie will behave himself when he has the collar on and a leash. After that all bets are off - he becomes idiot boy. Barks at me from his kennel, talks back, etc. He becomes idiot boy. I of course have no patience for idiot boy when you're dealing with 3 other puppies that he has been trying to get lost. Yes - Ernie got let out with the puppies and then proceeded to take Blue to the neighbors and left him there. Blue thought the porch was ours - he's only 14 weeks old - and sat at the neighbors door. D had to go get him and the poor little guy was all confused as to why they weren't going into that house as that was the door right? Can we all say BAD ERNIE... trying to lose the puppies so you get more attention when you're the dog that gets taken everywhere except to work is just not cool. Ernie is spoiled and jealous... and well we've got to work on that.

The puppies are about 25% house trained... they haven't quite grasped it completely. House training one dog is difficult enough. House training 3 well it's a pain in the ass. We're surviving. I know there's a master plan I'd just like to know what the plan is soon. Because my supply of carpet cleaner needs to be replenished and I need to know if I should just by the 30 gallon drum rather than a gallon.

So other than that nothing to see here... I'm boring and well on the one hand that's great on the other hand it's well boring.

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Mandy said...

Kinda cute about Ernie leaving Blue on the neighbor's porch. LOL Sounds like something Logan would do if we were to ever get a new puppy...

I don't envy you trying to house train 3. I remember the days of just one and it SUCKS! G/L -- hope they pick up the other 75% quickly.