Saturday, March 17, 2007

Lola - the pain in the @ss...

Lola - our wonderful little doxie is a pita. Seriously - she is... drama queen is her middle name. She used to cry like a banshee if Ernie came running at her in the dark - you would have thought that she had had her paw cut off. So - this behavior - is not unusual - a little pissy a little high strung.

To clarify this incident - she is not on any medications - except of course heart worm preventative. She's the "healthy" dog or at least she was - hence why I think her attention needly little ass is screaming for attention -as everyone else has had to go to the vet and be seen for various complaints over the last few months.

The vomiting - she has it occasionally usually it's just bile and generally it's after getting a hold of a raw hide (she is not supposed to have them). The blood was unusual and that is why she ended up on some medicine to protect her stomach. This medicine while it's supposed to be constipating - can also have the opposite effect. So we are waiting it out with the new medicine. She is again - eating, drinking, peeing, pooping (a little too much of that). D and I are probably one of the most paranoid pet owners so we are in daily contact with the vet - if she is not better in a few days (Monday at the latest) then she'll get put on some antibiotics as it will probably then be diagnosed as a bug rather than just a GI virus that has hit her tush.

Lola is fine- the pups are fine... the big dogs are fine and the geriatric dog is fine - in fact he's probably the one that told her all about the vet and lied about tasty medicine - poor Lola has gotten the rotten end of the deal as everyone else has had "tasty" medicine - Lola hates pills with a passion - so the 2 pills and 1 paste we have to give her take a lot of effort...

Fortunately she seems to be improving. I think she just wanted "Grandma" (my mom) to come take care of her... and if "Grandma" hadn't been sick herself she would have come and baby'd "baby girl's" butt until we couldn't live with her for weeks.

So - that's my news - I couldn't post this in the comments like I wanted, but we're fine... all of us at the 7 dog house - some a little rougher around the edges than others... That's just the humans.

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