Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Coffee Monster...

First and foremost... I don't drink coffee... I haven't drank coffee in a long long time. Never been real big on it, but a year and a half ago I gave up caffeine. I rarely (meaning once ever 3 or 4 months) get a decaf skim white chocolate mocha... but I'm definitely not the coffee drinker of the house. I'm definitely more a cookie monster than a coffee monster.

That would mean that D is. When we first met D was a maxwell house kind of guy. Now we've created a monster. My loving husband has 3 coffee pots that he has gotten since we got married. The first was a shower gift - he registered for it and was like a kid in a candy store when he opened it. The second is a Senseo One to One single cup coffee maker that he got for a very reasonable price by taking a picture of how he'd dispose of his drip coffee maker. The third showed up last week. I shook my head at this point and believe yelled "Why do we need another coffee maker?" This one is a Keurig B50 kcup single serve coffee brewer. His response... but look I saved us x number of dollars by going with this deal and you don't have to buy me a Bunn My Pod coffee maker for Christmas (like I would have but seriously).

My husband - scrooge mcduck... is now a coffee snob! Maxwell house is not good enough for his finicky pallate... no we've got coffee pods by flava pod (now flavor pod), baronnet, melitta, etc... we have k-cups by green mountain coffee. He even now surfs the message boards regarding single serve coffee. While initially shocked by all this... I've now grown to accept it. I'm the treasurer of this relationship so we discuss before we buy anything out of the ordinary... $75 dollars worth of coffee is out of the ordinary... So if he goes for my scrapbook stuff I tend to let him get his coffee stuff. It's a fair trade right? It also has gotten him off my case about my internet usage and has significantly decreased his xbox time.

So am I creating a coffee monster? I'm not sure, I think he created himself. The unfortunate part is that we now have two coffee monsters in my mom's house... she now has a Senseo single serve and my husband and her decided to make their own pods to use up their old coffee.

Imagine if you will my mother - who doesn't wake up pretty putting in this pod. The coffee maker not spitting out their nectar of the gods fix at 4 a.m in the morning. Then the coffee maker sealing itself and not allowing them to get the coffee pod out to try and make another cup of coffee. I've seen this happen a couple of times. It took the Senseo about 3 days to break the vacuum lock on the bugger. It was a LONG 3 days. I thought the two coffee monsters were going to go out and buy another coffee maker. I'm still quite surprised that they didn't. Fortunately most of those bugs have been worked out. They've learned how to prevent that from occurring. I just pity the fools that get between them and their morning cup of coffee. It's not pretty what could result.


Jill said...

I'm not a coffee drinker, but your post made me laugh as I thought of all my friends and family members I know who can't function without their coffee.

On the bright side, your husband could be going to Starbucks every day for his caffeine fix, and that would probably be more expensive than making fancy coffee at home...but don't tell him that because it might diminish your bargaining power regarding your scrapbooking and internet usage. ;)

Mandy said...

ROFLMAO! I can just see M & D standing there cursing b/c the stupid thing has vapor-locked!! Guess it could be worse than coffee...

Marz said...

I just had a picture in my mind of your hubby & your mom just standing there in front of this coffee maker scratching their heads as to why it wasn't letting them have coffee.
Too funny!
thanks for sharing.