Friday, April 14, 2006

Going with the flow?

Sometimes it's okay to be quiet. Did I actually say that? If you asked my husband he'd tell you I'm NEVER quiet. That quiet and me means something bad is about to happen. However sometimes I have so many things going on in my mind that finding the words to put on the internet is just not possible.

What do I want to tell you about? Some awesome books I've been reading, my new ebay purchase, a song I downloaded, a snoring dog, and well hell anything else I come up with.

Lets start with the books... did I ever disclose that I'm a smut novel reader? By smut I mean bodice rippers, historical trashy romance... I do read other books as well, but these are pure pleasure.

I read four in the last week... Yes, three.

1. Sabrina Jeffries - Never Seduce a Scoundrel
2. Eloisa James - The Taming of a Duke
3. Stephanie Laurens - What Price is Love?
4. Lisa Kleypas - Devil in Winter

An odd book not in the beaten path is Marley and Me which is wonderful though I wish my husband would quit buying books that make me bawl my eyes out.

My reason for reading romance is simple - I don't have to think to read it. I can just enjoy. It always ends happily and I can pretend that I'm the heroine... and my swashbuckling husband is a pirate... yes, I have a thing for pirates. It's a sad sad thing that occurred when I read my first trashy romance by Johanna Lindsey called A Gentle Rogue. I was 13. I was in science program for girls at U of M. Yes, I'm a geek.

On to the ebay purchase... I've mentioned my scrapbooking, but did I mention I started stampin? Yes, I'm becoming quite the little crafter. I've been making cards. Well my ebay purchase was all of the stampin up stamp pads and a carrying case. It's coming from Hawaii - can we all say ouch on the shipping I paid. However by buying them through ebay even though they are the old style I saved approximately $200 which always makes the purchase a good thing in D's eyes.

Now downloading songs... I don't generally do that. However there was this song I kept hearing every now and again. It's called "You're beautiful" by James Blunt. Now after reading the lyrics I'm going how can I enjoy this song he doesn't end up with the person he thinks is beautiful. Well my thoughts are this... sometimes the words don't mean a whole lot, I am enjoying the music, the flow of the notes - I think it could be without words and I would enjoy it. So we're listening to that at the moment.

Snoring dogs - should have been plural as currently there are 3 sleeping dogs. On a side note my mom has started to give her dog Sadie xanax in the hopes of her chilling out during storms. It would be nice - the dog hyperventilates whenever a storm starts rolling through. It's quite annoying.

Interviews- I swear they feel like inquisitions... when they asked me about attendance I wanted to respond with the only days I've missed have been due to miscarriages... but thought better of it.

So what are you doing this weekend? Today (Saturday) I have in laws, my aunt and uncle and my mom having Easter dinner a day early. Sunday we're planning on doing some repairs to my mom's sewer pipes... not looking forward to that. D bought a new tool called a drain snake - hopefully that will get things functional. I had to point out to D and my mom that my dad maay not have used what "the septic guy" said he should of used, but it lasted 18 years and had passed inspection so it must not have been that big a deal. D just looked at me. (Dad used drainage pipe from the house to the septic field rather than drain pipe) slight difference. Okay a big difference but it worked. D finally looked at me and said you're right.

So it's going to be nothing but fun fun fun here.

Right now we're planning on Monday - if that changes will let you know. If I chicken out... will update. However I think we'll just go with the flow - oh wait that flow is stopped up at my mom's so we'll try to reroute the flow for a bit.

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