Thursday, April 13, 2006

Insane rantings at 9-10 dpo...

Today Friday I'm 10 dpo... or at least my best guess is that I'm 10 dpo. I have yet to pee on a stick. Quit laughing I know. It's amazing. However my husband is going to drive me to drink. He wants to test.

The one who said no more sticks... he wants to test. Can we all say Jackass? Seriously I was doing so well then he had to go and do that. Now all I want to do is go out to the nearest Walgreens and buy an EPT. Heck buy all the EPT's that the freakin pharmacy has and pee on them one by one.

I just looked at my dear husband and said yeah uhmm NO. A girl has to have some dignity. I said I wouldn't. I'm not going to. Now he's asking if we can have the beta done earlier... he wanted big numbers... and he wants to test early. Boy we seriously have to work on edumacating this man. I thought I had done so well. He knows what numbers we're looking for... you'd think he'd realize that we're at a greater chance of getting those numbers if we wait a bit longer. Apparently all my little quirks went to him.

Oh and to top it all off... one of my male coworkers who is married announced that his wife was pregnant - he of course came to ask me if a beta of 15 was a good number. I had to ask how many dpo... and it was an okay number for the time... and told him that you'd need to see what it did in 48 hours. Well it was 45 so yep he's pregnant... er his wife is. Their first month trying. I'm happy for him. I hope all goes well. I even figured out their due date for them. Yes, I make myself ill. He asked appropraite questions of me about infertility and why we were having so many difficulties... I explained and educated and that's about all I could do.

Another of my coworkers had an egg retrieval done on Wednesday. I pray that IVF works for her and her husband... She's been trying a long time and we go to the same doctors. I want so badly for myself as well.

And one of my best friends in real life is suffering from some horrific morning sickness. She's happy to be pregnant, but unfortunately feels miserable. I hope it passes quickly.

Fortunately I'm still in that semi ambivalent this point if it happens great... if not great. I'd love to not have to spend Christmas at the in laws but highly doubt that would be possible. I couldn't get that lucky could I?

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Mandy said...

So you passed the quirks on to D, huh? Good job on that! I had to smile at the thought of him standing over you going, "come on, ya know you wanna". It is frustrating though to feel like you spend all this time trying to teach them the basics so they can be supportive, only to have them turn on you at the last minute! It's nice that he's so involved though and he's so interested in what's going on. Even if he is enabling right now, or trying to at least. It is amazing too how we push our feelings aside and help others when dealing w/ early pg "woes". Know that I'm thinking of you and crossing everything possible that your betas come back fabulously! Love ya. ((hugs))