Monday, April 03, 2006

Definitely on the Bad Grand Kids List

We recently (okay it was last night) went over to his parents house. Normally we go over about every other weekend and the visits go smoothly (when we're not educating them about the wrongs in the family). Well... this weekend Grandma was there.

In a previous post I elluded to Grandma... Well Grandma doesn't give you the warm squishy vibe. We have 1 picture of Grandma at our wedding and we've heard stories of Grandma's diatribe at our wedding reception regarding the food choices we made. She basically sat at a table with an angry look on her face the whole reception.

Well the last visit D had with Grandma he pretty much got on the "Bad Grandkid" list. We were pretty sure we were not yet off the list... When I walked in the temperature drop was almost palpable. I believe it became about a nice chilly 40 degrees in the house. Grandma said nothing to me, not hi, not kiss my butt. I said hi to MIL and ran the hell out of the house to find D and fil.

Now I don't like to cause problems with my husband's family - they just naturally occur. As D and I get more comfortable in our relationship and our "family" we've come to a few conclusions. If you don't like us that's fine, don't come around, don't pretend - we'll do the same. Which is why we'll not be going to any group birthdays out at Grandma's anymore. We'll go to the obligatory Thanksgiving and Christmas, but other than that they're on their own. This is our family policy. It is not reserved just for D's family - but also mine. It's a blanket policy and we've so far very pleased with it. I think we need to tell Grandma of our new policy ;)

Anyways so dinner is served and Grandma literally does not say anything at the dinner table. Normally conversations flow pretty easily at the in laws. Last night it was pretty silent. Everyone just stared at their plates and ate dinner.

Later on I looked at D and said - "Do you think it was something you said last time?" Because last time D told her that her one felon of a grandson was lucky that he hadn't had to serve more time... And that her son was a low life thief who was stealing from his grandkids. D started laughing... To the point that fil asked what we were laughing about. We didn't clue him in... Yet.

We had all 3 dogs with us last night and well one weird thing that keeps happening whenever Lola is around Grandma is... If Grandma stands up... Lola starts barking, growling, snarling, spitting. She does this also to my brother the jack ass and his wife. We've concluded that Lola has good taste in people. Lola did this behavior last night. We initially thought it was from noise that Ernie had made laying down on the floor, however when I went to find her she was focused solely on Grandma, barking spitting, hair standing up on her back just a growling. I grabbed her and then handed her to D... And said it's your Grandma she's upset about. D whispered in her ear... "Good girl"

On the car ride home we talked about the events. D called Grandma's behavior 2 year old like... And that she was a spiteful mean old woman. He also gave Lola a lick of ice cream for her behavior. Somehow I don't see us coming off the list anytime soon... However what she doesn't know is she's on ours as well and that this visit kind of sealed the deal on that one for us.


Marz said...

Why do old people have to be so miserable?? You'd think they would've learned their lesson when they were younger, lol.
Dogs have a really good sense of character & Lola doesn't like grandma, lol.

DinosaurD said...

Go Lola (you know she's just being honest).

Sami said...

I'm not sure why some old people have to be so miserable. None of the older folks in my family act like that - so this was new to me.

I agree dogs have a great sense of character. Chance fended up a lot of bad boyfriends with his behavior - he was more passive aggressive - peed on them etc. Lola's just a bit more vocal about her feelings.

I do have to admit it was quite the comical sight to see her just all ticked off - hair standing up etc. All 9 lbs of her ferociously defending her parents. Got to love puppy love!