Friday, July 21, 2006

Dogs... Are driving me nuts and eating my cookies!

By now everyone knows I have 3 dogs... right?

Just checking. They take turns as to who is driving me bonkers... today and yesterday it was a toss up by the two youngest ones... In particular the big one- aka Ernie. I HAVE to find a way to keep him off the counters. Last night and tonight he's managed to steal food off of the counter while I was doing something else. The kicker is that he's like stealth dog. I swear he's half human. He's eaten no bake cookies. Okay chocolate is NOT good for dogs. Granted the amount that he's eaten is still safe, but darnit. I wanted the no bake cookies!!!!!! D wanted the no bake cookies!!!!! We both wanted the no bake cookies. Fortunately Ernie did not eat all of the no bake cookies, but he put a significant dent in them.

So if I don't have the two dachshunds acting like houdini dogs and climbing on the counter I have Ernie going onto his hind legs and takiing stuff off the counter and then eating it. Now granted catching the two little dogs on the counter is hillarious as they try and figure out how to get off the counter before I reach them or their father reaches them, but seriously. These dogs are over all pretty well behaved. However all three are motivated by food. Whether they are hungry or not they are all about food.

So suggestions... other than a shock collar of course - because I am adamantly opposed to that. Obedience class... the two older dogs have taken obedience class and passed obedience class... the problem isn't that they're not obedient. It's that they're not obedient when we're not in the room.


Maribeth said...

People used to ask me why I had three dogs? My reply?
"Because two dogs weren't punishment enough!"
We had a stealth dog years ago, named Rex. That boy could walk by counters and scarf down entire meals! All I can say is cover, cover, cover!!!

ChrisLM said...

After growing up with numerous dachies I've came to the conclusions that they own you, not the other way around. My mother had one that was housebroke as long as someone was home. My father taught my childhood one (Skipper) this little gem. Skipper, would you rather be a dead dog or look like Hester (my grandmother(his mother-in-law)? Of course the dog would flop over on his back all four paws in the air and play dead! I'm a cat person now simply because we aren't at home enough to give a dachie the love he/she needs and my husband would probably accidently squish it with his size 17 feet! LOL!!

I wish I could see your lovely pups stealing your stuff. It reminds me so much of mine and brings back many good memories. So when they are being pistols just luv them even more!