Sunday, July 23, 2006

It's That Time Again...

Not a whole lot to say... today is Sunday and D is off again. I've missed him. Even though I know this is a good thing 10 hour nights vs 8 hour nights - it's hard adjusting. Right now he's being precepted so he doesn't feel he can "call" like he used to. In other words if I call because I'm bored - he doesn't answer. Which generally leads to me throwing the phone down and maybe calling him some names. The events with Ernie over the last few days have led to quite a few of those calls. Not from boredom, but from anger. I think Ernie in spite of my taking him and Lola for walks, letting them play outside, etc is suffering from his own boredom. D thinks we need to find a watering hole that we can take him to so he can get this nervous energy taken care of. I'm inclined to agree. As right now when he goes running off I have to do a tick check everytime he comes in.

So - readers what's your take on advantix vs frontline for killing off ticks and fleas.

I ask this question because... we recently used frontline this month rather than advantix that we normally use. I found a tick on Chance last month that was literally dying as I found it and that was the month we used advantix. This month we used frontline and well I found a tick on Ernie and it wasn't dying. It made me worried that maybe the stuff doesn't work as well as it's supposed to. Thoughts?

Oh yes and cd 2. Enough said. We're back in the saddle again... I'm not sure how I feel about it all... I feel like I'm living my life in two week increments... in 2 weeks I should have ovulated. In two weeks from that time I'll know if this worked or not. I've already decided to let the phone calls go to D's phone, that when they tell me to trigger I'll get the beta bloodwork slips so I won't have to make any phone calls and well... that I won't be having my lab results faxed to me anymore. How's that for losing some control? Oh yes and we will NOT be purchasing any hpt's... so we'll be shooting up and well just having a grand ole time over the next few weeks. On the bright side - the in laws won't be coming for a visit anytime soon... My mother on the other hand will be here next week. Let the games begin.

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