Monday, July 10, 2006

Don't be NICE???

Okay by now we know that I'm not the "touchcy feely type" right?

Seriously - you guys know this right?

My husband knows this. I'm a just the facts kind of gal. He's fine with that. We talk emotions... two weeks after a d/c really don't need to be touchy feely.

I don't think my doctor knows how to deal with me. I seriously don't. First - I'm not sure, but I got my blood pressure checked while standing at my post op appt... didn't need it. I'm not sure why it was done. I haven't had a bp check in oh 6 months or so. So that threw us for a loop. Then we end up in an exam room and well... I didn't need to be examined.

Dr. Smart Ass came in and instead of Smart Ass I got - kind sensitive non sarcastic doctor...

I had to throw him back to the Smart Ass side - seriously. My feelings about the miscarriage - it sucks. We keep trying. All the papers out there - say the same damn thing... keep trying. So we will. Asking me "how are you doing? in a very compassionate tone, just puts me on edge. I can't help it. It puts my husband on edge because he sees me getting just a bit anxious.

It leads me to forget all about the questions I have listed for you in my purse, but not in my hand...

The only questions I could remember were

1. Can we cycle as soon as I get my period...

2. Could we check a prolactin level?
ANSWER - didn't we check one? flipping flipping flipping - nope no prolactin level in there... could have told him I know just about all the lab work I've had done and that's not one of them. However since I have no boob tenderness, no discharge from my nipples, and my periods are regular like clockwork - well not likely to be an issue.

3. Is it okay to use the PIO?
ANSWER - yes - that's fine - oh look you already have a prescription for it... convenient.

The only time he got even remotely close to smart ass like was when he said - oh this pregnancy was with the injectables and D and I had to go... Nope - it was us on a rest cycle... and he asked "So who didn't rest well." D pointed at me... and I promptly slapped him... Fortunately the good doctor said - so I take it you weren't willing... yeah right.

So - really nothing learned, I'll get the prolactin drawn sometime... not sure when in a week or so and then we'll go from there. The pathology came back - "normal" we didn't do karyotyping, but at least we didn't get "surprise it's ectopic." That would have really peeved me considering they hadn't called me about it.

So yeah I suck... just want to move forward and get the proverbial job done... oh they're looking for 2-3 "good" follicles... maybe I need to change my title to looking for good eggs?

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