Sunday, July 23, 2006

Escape From Reality

About a month ago I briefly mentioned I was waiting not so patiently for a book to come out... someone asked and I forgot to mention what the book was or even who the author was.

Anyways... so that all of you will know how weird I am... I'm going to make a list of authors that I read fairly regularly and how I classify them.

Johanna Lindsey - trashy historical romance novels. She was my first smut novel when I was in 8th grade. The novel that will always be my favorite - A Gentle Rogue... I have a thing for pirates. I think that her newest novel was what I was waiting to come out. Which if you click the link will take you to it. I bought it right before the d & c... literally. Not sure why we thought going and buying books was a good thing to do before hand, but well...

Julie Garwood - trashy historical and fbi thrillers (don't ask I have no idea why she decided to diversify, but I still like her)

Catherine Coulter - again historical romance novels and I have most of her books

Julia Quinn - historical romance - the Bridgerton series is fabulous... I can only imagine what she has up her sleeve next.

Lori Foster - very good modern romance - that has some sizzle to it...

Eloisa James historical romance - since my above favorite authors were not writing quickly enough I had to branch out... and I stumbled upon her and love her.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips romance - mostly modern day

Jane Green Jemima J - loved it as at the time when I was reading it felt fat and frumpy and I loved that she came out on top. It made me feel better about myself... and recognize some unhealthy habits that I had.

Jennifer Weiner Good In Bed was the first book of hers that I read and loved... again larger girl coming out on top... Little Earthquakes made me cry in a good way... all of her books I have loved. I highly recommend her. I'm not even sure how to describe her other than fiction, but oh so very good.

Lurlene McDaniels It all started with the Dawn Rochelle series... and I was hooked. I started reading her when I was probably 9. She writes stories for youth about real life things - diabetes, cancer, car accidents, alcoholism, abuse, AIDS, etc that are both inspirational and heart breaking. Yes, I'm a sap... yes I still read her... and yes I still cry when I read these books.

Laurie Notaro Author of The Idiot Girls Action Adventure Club... and many other short stories that make you almost pee your pants. I think she would be great to have as a real life friend. She made my husband and coworkers laugh almost to the point of peeing their pants. I had guys reading her book at work... it was comical and they loved her. I believe they couldn't even wait for her next book to come out.

Robin Cook medical technihorror is how I've always described him... I began reading him when I was about 11... started with Coma, Outbreak, and Fever... continued reading, but haven't read much of his new stuff in quite a while. I may have to after looking over this list.

Nicholas Sparks The Notebook, The Wedding, A Walk To Remember, Three Weeks With my Brother... lets just say I love them all.

James Patterson Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas, Sam's Letters to Jennifer...I haven't read his thrillers, but he got me with both of those. Loved them... have reread them many times.

The Anne of Green Gables series- I rooted for her and Gilbert Blythe... I've made D watch the whole story including the third movie. I have all of the books.

So uhmm now you know my secret. I'm a book nut. An eclectic book nut...

About a year and a half ago as I prepared to move from my old house to our new house I had packed up my books, and packed up a box of books to take to Goodwill. After weeks of seeing the books that I was giving away I begged D to take the books to Goodwill. D did... I came home from work after a particularly crappy night, jumped in the shower, came out of the shower looked around the room and asked D where my books were. D's response of "Goodwill" sent chills down my spine. D had taken both the "Goodwill" box and the box that was years of collecting... and by years I mean YEARS. These were books I had had since I was probably 9 or 10... I knew I couldn't yell at D for doing what I had told him to do. So I turned, put on my robe, walked out of the bathroom to the office, sat in the chair and rocked back and forth saying over and over... "I can't yell at him, it wasn't his fault..." D became quite frantic since I didn't return to go to bed, realized something was wrong, came running to the office, and said "I am so sorry. We can go to Goodwill and see if we can get them back." So off we went. The nice ladies at Goodwill realizing how upset I was helped us to find the books... we only lost a few. D still feels awful about this incident. He told my sister about it and her response of "OH NO - those are like her best friends.... you had to fix that." Made him cringe, but he did fix it. Even now he strongly adamantly refuses to take books to Goodwill unless I have handed them to him and said these must go. In his words - he never wants to see me look that defeated again.

Some people collect trinkets... I collect books. They're my escape from reality.

Since I can't sleep again - long story... I'm going to go curl up with one right now... and go for some escape from reality.

Now tell me your favorite authors... so I don't feel so odd.


KrisAndRod said...

I just finished reading the latest James Patterson thriller - they're all great, from the Alex Cross series to the Women's Murder Club series. He's a great author. We've just recently decided to sell off some of our books on ebay to make a little $$ on the side... I hate to see them go, but know they have to. I can totally sympathize!

KrisAndRod said...

Oh - and I love Janet Evanovich. They're all about a female bond enforcement agent. Hilarious, with a little romance. Quick reads. Also love John Grisham and Michael Chrichton.

Mandy said... that was something I didn't have to do once I finally graduated.

Actually, I just wanted to say that I love Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner too. Makes me cry every time I read it.

Anonymous said...

My 2 biggest author weaknesses lately have been Marian Keyes (funny and touching Irish chicklit) and Jodi Piccoult (everyday normal people dealing with life's dramas with some unusual situations).

Anne Shirley and L.M.M.s other heroines are a very treasured part of my early reading memories.

I too collect books. Someone told me going to the library would make it a less expensive addiction, but I have attachments to each and every volume I own even as it starts to get battered after the 10th reading.

amanda said...

I so hear what you are talking about with books. I finally took about 8 boxes when I moved a year ago, and I still regret it.

Anonymous said...

If you liked Anne of Green Gables...have your read all of L.M Montgomery's books? The Emily of New Moon series, and A Tangled Web are both great.

Anonymous said...

I love Elizabeth Berg. Sappy chick books, and I cry and laugh at the same time -- my favorite emotion. The Sue Grafton Alphabet series. All of the Spencer novels (remember the series? Well, the books are WAY better.) The Janet Evanovich number series is indeed hilarious. I have made myself a a spectacle in a public place with those.
Anythig L.M.Montgomery ever wrote, and I have listened to every one I could get on audio too. Rosamund Pilcher novels -- more sappy chick stuff, but so good.

Many, many book weirdos out there, don't feel bad!