Friday, July 07, 2006

Drama Queen

Did I forget to tell you guys that my little girl is a bit of a well... to be quite frank... she's a drama queen. I blame her father. He blames my mother. Either way since a very early age Lola has well responded to quite a few things with the high pitched shriek of the banshees and made everyone within a 10 mile radius know that she is scared. It makes you think that there was a foot torn off or something.

She's fine. Ernie is fine. Chance is fine. I did find a bruise and two small bite marks on her head... I found those uhmmm well 2 hours after the incident. I'm an awful mother. Now granted I'm not that awful, because well... D didn't find the other mark on the other side of her head. I found that today. Now- those little "wounds" could be from well Ernie's normal rough housing or they could be from schizophrenic Sadie... it's truly a toss up. They have not affected Lola in the least aside from last night when she was playing them up for all she was worth - whining if you touched her head, whining if you tried to pick her up, quivering, etc.

Today found my little girl - well being the normal terror that she always is. I witnessed her biting Ernie's jowls and his feet as he kept putting his foot in close proximity to her... and well we all know that ticks her off and a lot of barking, growling, play fighting and real live biting occurred. She's fine...

She tried to get D to let her sleep on his pillow, but D was having none of that. He knew what she was up to... then she whimpered and well... she got the pillow.


Maribeth said...

You know Greta doesn't screach, but after Fritz was attacked he did. It was aweful. That's when he became our Drama, Wussy boy. Oh well, he keeps things interesting.

Jackie said...
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