Friday, September 01, 2006

Good and UGH News

So do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Bad news wins... be prepared this is gross so I warned you okay.

Remember our mice problem? Did I mention that our spare bathroom (which I NEVER use) had a weird odor in it? Well it did about a week or so ago... D put a wallflower in it - warm vanilla sugar if anyone is interested and it apparently started to smell better. Didn't think anything of it. D thought that a mouse might have died somewhere near the vent.

Today it was confirmed. I'm not going to describe how it was confirmed, but all I'm saying is I'm very happy that a) I wasn't the one to walk into the bathroom and b) that my in laws or my mom were not the ones to walk into that bathroom. D is of course cleaning up the mess and going to be getting his tookus up to the attic to make sure there is nothing more up there to cause me anxiety.

The whole mouse thing literally makes my skin crawl.. having those buggers in my house just is a huge ICK factor and well I don't get "Icked" out very often. Seriously I'm the girl that can draw her own blood, deal with various body fluids without blinking an eye and not have issues... show me disgusting pictures and I'm fine. Tell me I have a mouse in my house - not so fine.

So the good news... I didn't lose you guys did I?

U/S showed 5 follicles (I think) I had a different wander and I swear she had to hunt for my uterus... I wanted to say "It's RIGHT there where you're grinding the dildo cam" but I didn't. I almost mentioned that my tonsils had been removed as well, but again didn't. I figured since I was in a pi.ssy mood due to working all night and driving to the u/s that I probably should mind my manners. She also had to "hunt" (those of you who have had a vag u/s know what I'm talking about... for my right ovary... I didn't think that bugger could get lost, but apparently it did. So 3 or 4 on the left and 1 on the right... biggest one measuring 15. My estradiol level or E2 level on Wednesday was 134... today it was 222 so we're to keep stimming until Sunday when I have yet another date with the dildocam. I'm almost hoping that it's my doctor that does it becauase seriously I think he could find things a bit easier than others.

Of course this means that the procreation marathon will be taking place most likely while my in laws are visiting... (It's a good thing I'm not a noisy gal and also that my in laws do NOT have the address for my blog) Oh did I not mention that? Yeah uhmm they're coming to my house for their vacation. While I work... they plan on leaving Wednesday morning when I finish - yeah whatever was my thought. It's the only time both of them can get off and D and his dad may actually build a deck off our front door so who knows it could happen...

Now - how the heck am I supposed to sleep while they're here? I'm buying ear plugs and ordering D to keep everyone quiet while I sleep because if I don't get sleep... well migraines happen and I need to be at work because well - heck we need money in case this cycle does or doesn't work out. He nodded and said I'll find something for them to do... I promise.

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Kath said...

Dear Sami, that mouse story sounded disgusting indeed. I'm so glad you were not the one to make the gruesome discovery...

Good news on your follicle development! I'm so sorry you had to contend with a "grinding" wander, though. I hate those. "Grind, grind, where IS that pesky internal organ?"

As for your visiting inlaws, I hope they let you sleep... and do other things too. *wink wink*