Sunday, March 26, 2006

1 year and... Happy?

Yep we've hit our milestone so to speak... we've been ttc for a year. Truthfully it feels no different than the first month. I read a book recently called - "The Fertility Surival Handbook" and in it it said to reset the clock whenever you get a new diagnosis... so if we're going with that philosophy we've only been ttc since November - so with that philosophy we've only been trying for 4 months. That sounds a heck of a lot depressing than a year right? We'll go with that I think.

We're fine - started shooting up and we'll see how things go in a few days with bloodwork and u/s. Hopefully I respond better than I did the last time - but we'll see. I know I know it's quality not quantity, but if you ask me I think I shot out some crappy eggs last time.

On an odd note - tomorrow is my mom's birthday. So since I've done some big long depressing posts about my dad - although with much love... it's time for a cheery land of the living post about my mom.

When I was 18 I went to visit my sister up North so to speak. While visiting I bought a dog. Granted - I did call and let my mom know I was buying a dog as well as talk to my dad about it. My mom hung up the phone. The apartment I was going to be living in once I went off to college did allow dogs so I figured I was golden.

So I bought this dog and loved him and still do. We came home (meaning Chance and I) and my mother was screaming - don't you dare bring that dog in here - I am no longer talking to you... You're disowned. She was quite upset.

Since I've never been the shy type and certainly have pushed the envelope a bit, I brought this 4 lb puppy into the house... and tried to get my mom to look at him. I knew if she got a look at him her heart would melt at this one brown eye one blue eye puppy... She kept her eyes firmly shut and her head turned away. She wasn't listening to a word I said. She had my sister on the phone and was yelling at her too.

Thank goodness for Chance or I might still be disowned. I put this little 4 lb weiner dog down and he started checking everything out in the house. He came across a newspaper and grabbed a hold of it and took off running - well since the newspaper was over his head - he really had no vision as to where he was going. He ran into a table... and yelped. My mom dropped the phone and ran and picked him up asking him if he was okay - etc. Chance wormed his way into her heart. Nothing else was ever said about my being disowned. In fact my parents kept Chance the first 12 weeks I had him in order to house train him.

Now - my mom routinely watches our 3 amigos. She loves them and cuddles with them and talks to them. This is a different woman than the one I grew up with. She's happier. She shows her emotions and love a lot more easily. For that I am thankful. When we do finally manage real live human children she'll be the one to take care of them. She'll be our "nanny" and both D and I are very greatful for that. Eventually she will live near us and most likely will also live with us. We're both okay with that.

D and my mom have a unique relationship - he calls her on her oddities and also calls her a hypochondriac. My mom absolutely adores him and D is very protective of her - he watches out for her and I am glad that my husband likes my mom. With prompting he bought her flowers and a card for her birthday - he even hid it until this morning. He also is going to watch "Walk the Line" with her tonight.

So - while we won't out her age online... we will say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM - and yes we know it's March 27th not the 26th but we're celebrating now because it's a weekend!

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Marz said...

Happy birthday to your mom.
she sounds like a lovely woman.
My mom is my "nanny" too & I couldn't have asked for a better person to watch my son.
He loves going over there & you know he's taken care of properly.
Good luck with your tests & u/s