Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sometimes bad things happen...

How do you move on when they do?

I know for me I tend to rely on my faith, on the love of my husband, on the love of my dogs... others use alcohol, or drugs. Other's use lawsuits... What's right? I have no idea.

With all the upheaval and stress in hubs and my lives he bought a book... actually 2 out of the 3 part series... It's about child abuse. Now as a couple that works in health care and also in law enforcment and has fertility issues... I'm not so sure this was a good idea, but he read it. Then he told me about it.

I read the first book last night. I wanted to just sit and bawl at the atrocities that a human being would do. The book is a true story. A story of survival. "A child called It" by David Pelzer. I feel that I have to make my in laws read this so that they understand why we're so upset and up in arms about any form of child abuse. Severity doesn't matter.

A wise nurse I work with once said... it's better to educate and inform than to bitch and complain. So... I'm using that philosophy in my personal life and we're going to attempt to educate and inform them not only on child abuse but maybe even about the fertility crap. I don't know if this is a futile thing or if it's even stupid to do. However I've spent enough time bitching about it... it's time for action.

I've also decided that I want to switch up our donations we do to charitable organizations... I'm still in the beginning stages, but I know there's going to be some child advocacy organizations as well as child abuse prevention organizations... Education can be the key for a lot of things and getting the word out is the hardest thing to do... maybe I'm only 1 person, but I've certainly got a big mouth.

On the cycle front... will know more maybe tomorrow... maybe the next day depends on if I get my fear under control.


Joseph said...

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Jill said...

One of the positive things that can come from a painful struggle to have a child is our development of more concern and compassion for others who are struggling and suffering. I applaud you for supporting child advocacy organizations.

Best wishes for this cycle. Please keep us posted.