Thursday, March 23, 2006

Patience- I've heard this is a virtue?

Everyone knows the saying Patience is a virtue...

Well we're going to hopefully exhibit some of that virtue this cycle. After much discussion we've decided that this next cycle there will be no premature peeing on hpts. Meaning I won't christen anything with my urine unless asked by a medical professional - the medical professional cannot be me. We'll wait for a beta to tell us if we are or if we're not. The prometrium worked wonderfully - no breakthrough bleeding - with the last pregnancy in January I had started with pink cm the day I got the positive... it progressed to full onset in spite of progesterone supplements (very low dose ones in comparison with what I'm taking now) so hopefully this means my endometrium is responding appropriately to everything and actually functioning well.

We've decided to let those we're paying money to do the jobs we're paying them to do.

Does that make sense? It does to us... and hopefully we're going to enjoy this a bit more than we did last time. Now I know what to expect... and that helps me greatly because it wasn't that bad. I can get through just about anything, but this month I don't have an HSG to get done as well as all those u/s. I have all the u/s to do, but I don't have to worry about another hsg and that in and of itself is a great thing.

So charge on... lets keep trucking along. Also some prayers and positive thoughts are always welcome. Know I'm sending them out to the universe for all of you as well.


Marz said...

Hi Sami,
I hope you don't mind if I follow your ttc journey. May I add you to my blog?
I know all too well what you're going thru. We ttc our son for 25 months & finally after 3 cy of Clomid I got a bfp. I also have lp problems but Clomid did the trick.
We have been ttc #2 on our own since Nov 2004. For a while there it seemed like my lp problems went away after I had my son but they've been slowly creeping back into my life. Anyways, I have a follow up with an RE on tuesday so I hope you don't mind if I keep an eye on your ttc journey as well?

Jill said...

I completely understand why you want to avoid taking HPTs, and I think it's a wise decision. Since my cycles are not like clockwork, I probably would have thought that two of my chemical pregnancies were just late periods, except for the positive peesticks. Because of this, I have decided to avoid the early HPTs, too... but of course, it will take a lot of patience, and I KNOW I'll be sorely tempted.

I hope that this cycle will be successful for you. You're in my prayers.

Sami said...

Leia's Mom - no problem linking my blog, I tried to email ya, but not able. Hope your follow up with the re goes well!

Marz said...

Thanks Sami.
My blog address is

I'm sorry your email came back.

Sami said...

I just did a little cost analysis on my check book in regards to hpts... and I KNOW I can come up with other things to put that money towards.

I think that for me it's just wiser to wait until everything has been triggered, that I'm "late" and go in for the bloodwork - then I get to know a number and won't constantly looking at them going hmmm is that darker? It'll definitely make things interesting but hopefully in a good way.

Marz said...

i totally agree with you. As 1 POAS to another, it's a total waste of money, but I can't stop.
If you can hold out till you're late then that would be best.
Good luck!