Saturday, March 18, 2006

Yeah uhmm no period... still?

So Friday found us getting more bloodwork done- yes the infamous beta hcg... I did it early enough so I should have gotten results in theory... however I didn't call for them and they didn't call me so no news. I did pee on a test and of course the freak that I am it was positive. Which if you know me means absolutely nothing. I am probably the girl most infertiles hate... the one that gets a positive too frequently. It's not something I can control - believe me I'd rather have a negative over the amount of positives I've had that have lead absolutely nowhere fast... However it's not within my control.

In a perfect world though - yes this is my fantasy so bear with me! I would have a positive test and it would lead to a positive baby at the end. There would be no need for repeat betas and my husband and I both would be ecstatic and would not use the clarifier of "Don't get your hopes up" or "Yeah that's positive, but what did the numbers really do." or "Show me the ultrasound that proves this one..." Yeah we've become a tad cynical.

I don't wish cynicism on anyone... and if anyone knows a good cure for it please send it my way.

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