Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Onward and Upward

Finally... Finally my body has decided to save me from yet another blood draw. We were saved by the uhmm proverbial bell. I was supposed to get another beta done if the good old period had not yet arrived. She decided to show this morning. So we had our screening u/s done and we are foot loose and cyst free. Apparently all that limboing I've done the last few days have caused things to shape up in there.

Now since some of you may have thought I was hallucinating about that whole beta of 5 with a positive hpt... I've said it in the past and I'll say it again EPT has always been the MOST sensitive for me... So this is what a beta of 5 looks like on an EPT - Image hosting by Photobucket
Personally I had the number in my mind as maybe 10-15 with that kind of line, but that just goes to show you that my interpretation of lines is to be called into question.

In all seriousness we've come up with a game plan (we meaning Dan and I) I am promising to not take another hpt until after we have a beta confirmation... this next time we're not getting a beta done until I'm 14 dpo. Yeah I know a tad overkill, but I'm over the puney numbers. If this is going to happen I don't want to see 5 as the result. We're looking for 50. I talked with the nurse about the hpts... I said "While I could maybe believe I was hallucinating, I know my husband does not have the same precision with those things as I have and he seen the + sign." I think all of you should be supremely impressed that I did not bring the pee sticks like my husband wanted me to, I almost asked for her email so i could email the image to her. Dan would also like me to send a note to EPT and another company and let them know they are definitely the MOST sensitive, but that to show someone that kind of positive at such a weak number just causes a lot of heartache and that we'd like our money back. I told him if he wanted to do that we could, but that it was unlikely anyone would give you money back when there was hcg in my system, just a crappy level. He became a bit disgruntled then moved on to playing with the dogs.

So the news update is maybe start shooting up on Friday... we're switching things up a bit this time -hoping for a better response on all levels... keep your fingers and toes crossed and inside the cabin at all times.

On a personal friend update... One of my dearest friends just found out that she is pregnant after 20 months of ttc. I am ecstatic for her. It's been a long journey so send up some prayers, positive thoughts, etc her way... she's on my list so go give her some good cheer and CONGRATS are in order!!!!


Marz said...

I'm sorry you got a + hpt with beta of 5.
We don't have ept in Canada so I've never used them but I do use the internet cheapies & have never had a +.
Good luck & hope the next 1 sticks.

SommerNyte said...

I just got a Beta of 5 today with BFP on Accu Clear and Fact Plus, so I am feeling your pain. (((hugs)))