Saturday, March 04, 2006

Favorite Daughter or Daughter In Law of the Year Award... and other Random Thoughts

Have I mentioned the scrapbooks from hell? The scrapbooks from hell are two 7 x 7 scrapbooks I decided to attempt of our wedding (which was in 2004) for my mom and mil. Yes... she who has never scrapped before decided this was a good idea.

Did I mention I procrastinate. Which is why I only purchased the pictures a few months ago. So... a few weeks ago I went for a weekday scrap get away. It was WONDERFUL... granted these women are way way way out of my league, but they were helpful and they gave me ideas and it's something I enjoyed. It fueled my energy to learn and create and to just get this project done.

So... I almost have both scrapbooks done... which is why I'm hoping when the votes come in I'll win the daughter or daughter in law of the year award.

The only pages that are missing are of the three mongrels... and a family picture of us with the dogs. I think that's pretty good. In my mil's book there is a page that has my in laws kissing - mind you my fil/mil are not very affectionate so it's kind of a once in a lifetime picture... on the opposite page is a pic of D and I kissing... and both pages say kissable! My mom's album has a picture of her and my dad in the book. The two of them were dancing at my sister's wedding and they looked so happy and so in love and on the opposite page is a picture of hubs and I dancing looking very much in love. I think it will make her happy and probably cry... in a good way.

Actually I know it will. My husband saw the page and the words I had put on it and he hugged me and said "That's beautiful."

We talked on our way to his parents house as well as on our way home. We talked about his parents... about my parents... about my mom... about us... about when to do a beta... etc etc... It was good. It was productive but not that productive. We didn't make any decisions in regards to what day to do a beta etc...

On an odd note... Anyone watch the TLC program Little People, Big Dreams? I'm hooked... I like Matt and Amy and Zach and all the kids... it definitely gives me something other than soap network to watch in the middle of the night when I'm not working.

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Jill said...

Hi, Samara! It's so nice to read your blog. Your scrapbooks sound lovely, and making them sounds like a great distraction during the two week wait. I hope that this cycle will be a success and that you can start scrapbooking baby pictures in the not-too-distant future.