Friday, March 31, 2006


While I've talked about my dad on this blog, I haven't said much about my mom - and while this is post is about the two of them I will post about just my mom in the future. I'll give you a glimpse of her and then of the two of them.

When I say you'll never meet another person like her... I'm not kidding. Many friends have been surprised to meet her and find out that the stories I tell are all TRUE. She's truly a unique individual. I don't mean this in a bad way, just in a unique way.

Well my parents were married in 1976, but how did they really meet? If you asked them before I was born they would tell you that it was by attending a parents without partners meeting. My mom was in the process of getting divorced as was my dad... Both of their soon to be ex spouses were less than desirable spouses. My dad wooed my mom by being a good father figure to her children (my brother and sister). Apparently my dad had my mom's number right from the start. He'd ask my mom if he could take the kids to a carnival, fair, event, whatever - knowing full well that my mom can't ever stand to be left out of something so she'd invite herself along as well. After months of doing this they finally went out on a date alone without the kids... And well as the saying goes the rest is history.

However in reality my parents had met years earlier. My mom found this out when she was 6 months pregnant with me. A friend of hers from high school asked her who she had married and when my mom told her she started laughing hysterically...

My mom was a bit of wild child during her teenage years... I've heard stories of her waking up in a hearse. (I still can't quite picture that one) Apparently her and her friend decided to steal her boyfriend's car and ended up in a ditch... Yes alcohol may have been a contributing factor, snow may have been as well. My mom's friend called a family friend to ask if her son could come tow them out.

You might have guessed by now that my dad was the tow truck driver... If you've guessed that then you'd be right. What you might not have guessed is that my dad didn't charge them a dime, just made them promise that they were safe to drive home and that they would never be so foolish again.

My mom never in a million years imagined that the tow truck driver from years past was actually her husband. She ran home from work and asked my grandma - who confirmed that it had happened and then asked my dad.

He remembered towing two crazy girls out of a ditch, but hadn't put much thought into the friend of the girl - just had thought they needed to get their crazy butts home.

So my dad and mom apparently didn't make much of an impression on each other the first time they met... Thank goodness they made better impressions on one another at their next meeting or I may never have been born. This makes me feel better because I don't remember D and my first meeting...

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