Thursday, September 21, 2006

Am I Ever Going to Finish this thing?

I'm still trudging along on the baby blanket. It's about done, but I think I like to have a deadline because then I know that I have to get it done by x day. My deadline is Saturday. Saturday is the shower and it needs to be done by then. I just have to finish the edging and then I'm done.

In other news - nothing new going on here. I'm incredibly boring. How sad is that? Not so much.

D is back to work, the dogs are happy to have me home at night, but would like both D and I at home all the time. The greedy little monkeys. I'm excited about the new season of network tv. Seriously boring stuff going on at this house.

On unrelated bunny news - did I mention that Lola killed a bunny? No - well she did. Which is one of the reasons D hacked down some of the field of weeds. I really need to take a picture for you to get the real affect of seeing weeds that are 3 feet tall all around your home. I received a phone call from D while at work last night (Tuesday night) and he said... I think I know how the bunny got killed. I just went really? He goes yep... they're taunting the dogs. The bunnies are taunting them. Apparently at our house we have suicidal bunnies near us. Or they believe they are invincible and no measly dog is going to take them out. I witnessed the taunting for myself tonight. I went to let the dogs out and turned on the light and the bunny just stood there. I made a noise - it stood there. I let the dogs out it ran... but it came back to where the other dogs were. I'm sure if Lola would have been loose so to speak it's death wish would have been granted, however her leash prevented her from getting in the fray. Fortunately the bunny survived the encounter with Ernie.

This is really what is going on in my life these days. Absolutely nothing and I'm just fine with that right now.


Jennie said...

We have 3 foot high weeds around here too, every time we pull them 10 minutes later they have come back and brought friends. We also have bunnies living in the yard, strangely enough like at your house, they like to hang out next door where they have 2 dogs!

Go figure!

Mandy said...

Still cracks me up about Lola and the bunny!

Glad that you have a a self-imposed deadline. You could always make your mom drive tomorrow and you can finish in the car! ;) LOL Personally, I wouldn't be offended at all if it's not done by the time you get here.

Can't wait to see you!